outdoortennis shoes

$19.99 - $32.99

WETIKE Mesh Slip On Lightweight Athletic Shoes

WETIKE Mesh Slip On Lightweight Athletic Shoes

outdoortennis shoe

30 Jun

My son is wild and outdoors child.

20 Apr

My son loved them and said they were lightweight and enjoyed running in them!

7 Apr

Bought for my great grandson he's 12 he was in love with them he loves wild colors same seller bought red and blk next will be lime green we have running shoes fettish their easy on and comphy !

30 Jan

My son loves it, he keeps running around with it.

1 Jan

Shoes are fit to size very comfortable I use them for work.I walk about 5 miles or more a night at work and they're very comfortable.

22 Jul

like comfort and grip while exercising and walking

22 Jul

I use these for our paved road trails or running on a track.

16 Jul

I like this product because they are good running sneakers for walking, running at the park or everything use.

19 Jun

he loves to go walk through corn fields and playing in ricks and so far they have held up and no issues i would highly recommend buying for your young one.

14 May

I've been looking for a comfortable inexpensive running shoe and these are it.

$24.95 - $34.99

ITAPO Kid's Winter Snow Boots Anti-Slip Ankle Boots Shoes with Fur Lining

ITAPO Kid's Winter Snow Boots Anti-Slip Ankle Boots Shoes with Fur Lining

outdoortennis shoe

8 Feb


28 Jan

Purchased a pair for me and my son and they were perfect fro snow tubing!

20 Jan

They were awesome, went hiking right after it had rained and I didn't slip once.

18 Jan

We went snow tubing an within an hour my sons feet were soaking wet.

16 Jan

They are warm and comfortable and he can walk through puddles in school when it rains without soaking his feet.

12 Jan

wore them on a long hike the first day - totally comfortable and very light weight. .

24 Dec

good traction ,flexible when the kids running

15 Dec

They look well made, the finishing is good and the sole is high that they will not get wet if the kids walk in the snow/wet rain.

14 Dec

For a cold day shoe with lots of walking these would be perfect

28 Oct

The shoe sole is really well built for a walk in the snow.