outdoorbeach shoes

$19.99 - $24.99

Amoji Kid Garden Clogs Slip On Shoes

Amoji Kid Garden Clogs Slip On Shoes


11 Jun

Great for pool days, laking, beach, rainy days, and gardening.

1 Jun

Great shoes she loved them we got them so she could wear something in a hurry to run out the house to the store walk whatever she loves them thank you

20 May

Love them❤️ My son is able to put them on with no issues and they stay on his feet while running and playing.

27 Apr

Easy slip on shoes that are useful for a day at the kiddie pool or going to the beach.

23 Mar

They fit perfectly and the are so easy for my grandson to pit on and take off plus they stay on while he is running around

20 Mar

Plus she wears them on our daily walks and has no trouble running or climbing in them with heel strap in place.

16 Mar

And he can walk over rocks with no complaints and they are super easy to pull on in “Off Road” mode.

20 Feb

Flexible sole that allows for easy walking.

20 Dec

He is all boy and I need a pair of outdoor shoes that can get covered in mud and rinsed off.

19 Dec

They are perfect for our camping trips.

$24.95 - $91.85

Crocs Kids' Crocband Clog

Crocs Kids' Crocband Clog


18 Apr

They wear them to the park, the beach, outside, as house shoes, if they get dirty or anything we just dip them in water and a magic eraser and boom good as new.

9 Apr

He said they’re really comfortable and he is excited to wear them to the beach this summer.

10 Mar

flip strap back to heel for 18 month old and flip strap to top of croc for 5 yr. old while walking if runnig and need help keeping shoe on strap to heel.

29 Oct

My kid started to wear Crocs since he began walking and he's definitely used to it and rejecting other brands.

14 Sep

He has worn these to school, the beach, amusement parks, etc.

7 Sep

I bought it for my 2 year old niece and it fit her perfect and she loves them !🤍 she walks perfectly in them!

12 Aug

We bought them so he’d have something quick and easy to slip on all by himself, they go from dry to running in the sprinkler to dry again.

10 Aug

They are easy to put on and off with kids specially useful when going to the beach.

5 Aug

Even for a walk he wears this shoes because they are very comfortable and durable.

4 Aug

My daughter love these shoes and they're very comfortable for her to walk around.