$16.99 - $24.99

Amoji Kid Garden Clogs Slip On Shoes

Amoji Kid Garden Clogs Slip On Shoes


20 May

Love them❤️ My son is able to put them on with no issues and they stay on his feet while running and playing.

23 Mar

They fit perfectly and the are so easy for my grandson to pit on and take off plus they stay on while he is running around

20 Mar

Plus she wears them on our daily walks and has no trouble running or climbing in them with heel strap in place.

15 Oct

These are good quality and hold up to all the outdoor running around and playing.

$24.95 - $91.85

Crocs Kids' Crocband Clog

Crocs Kids' Crocband Clog


12 Aug

We bought them so he’d have something quick and easy to slip on all by himself, they go from dry to running in the sprinkler to dry again.

1 Aug

They do run big as most reviews mention so if this is for something like running around through the sprinklers maybe opt for a size smaller.

10 May

They’re great for the pool or splash pad or running errands and around the house.

19 Apr

but he falls easily in them when running because his feet flop about.

9 Sep

She wears them all the time, and they are great for playing in her pool or running on wet pavement and keeping her from slipping.

8 Jul

but he has been wearing them pretty much this whole summer even for walking around or running errands.

22 Jun

He and I both love the easiness of put on and taking off of shoe and more importantly he has never had any issues with running in them and having them come off.