$39.95 - $69.99

PUMA Men's California Casual

PUMA Men's California Casual


15 Jun

but the other model of Puma shoes and they fit as expected.

9 May

I love these puma sneakers, great quality, price and quick shipping.

24 Mar

I LOVE Puma shoes, just not these.

10 Jan

My husband says he's giving up his favorite brand since the 1970's which is Puma.

27 Sep

On The Side It Says Puma & California Just A Nice Shoe and Very Comfortable.

9 Sep

I wore Puma GVs and Californias for years and always loved the comfort and the essentially perfect fit.

25 Jun

It fit like a charm, the width was fine & the length was correct..buy PUMA men's sneakers on Amazon.

9 Jun

More comfortable and high quality than the standard issue puma.

2 Dec

I loved the old version & was so sad when Puma stopped making them!

17 Nov

I always buy Puma and wear them until they fall off my feet.

$46.96 - $126.55

PUMA Men's Roma Basic Fashion Sneaker

PUMA Men's Roma Basic Fashion Sneaker


9 Jun

Love them, I love puma sneakers anyway

5 Oct

Puma makes great shoes that look great!

22 Mar

I like Puma shoes.

10 Jan

Been a Puma fan forever now.

29 Oct


28 Jun

Puma makes a great shoe.

19 Jun

Puma is my no 1 "go to"sneaker brand so of course I'm satisfied.

29 Apr

I love puma ,,,but they are to small.

25 Mar

Love them and I love these Puma styles.

17 Oct

This puma sits very good on my feet, my friends like it, I love it and I don't regret purchasing it.

$49.99 - $146.25

PUMA Men's Enzo Sneaker, Castlerock Black

PUMA Men's Enzo Sneaker, Castlerock Black


31 May

As always PUMA is perfect in ALL areas!

31 May


26 Apr

I'm new to Puma, I'm an adidas guy, giving them a shot.

2 Mar

Puma is a great brand that is always reliable.

2 Mar

Shoes are extremely comfortable as all other Puma brand shoes I have owned.

15 Feb

Bought these because Puma has styling down pat.

7 Jan

As for fit, I bought 10.5 and it's true to what I normally get from Puma, so no issues there.

12 Dec

All of my sneakers are Puma and all are size 10.

19 Sep

Super comfortable shoes, if you like the Puma evoknit line its in the same tier of comfort for sure.

15 Jun

I trust Puma as I have been wearing them for many years and they are comfortable and a long lasting well made shoe.

$94.78 - $228.95

PUMA Mens RS-X Toys Gym Exercise Sneakers

PUMA Mens RS-X Toys Gym Exercise Sneakers


10 Jul

I love Puma.

11 Jun

True Puma size expectations.

9 Jul

i didn’t get the original puma rs-x insoles and the shoe itself isn’t of high quality.

$99.99 - $265.26

adidas Unisex Copa Mundial Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

adidas Unisex Copa Mundial Firm Ground Soccer Cleats


17 May

At some point every true football (soccer) geek should play in a pair of Kangaroo Leather adidas Copas or Puma Kings.

30 Apr

I've been a Puma King fan most of my life

25 Mar

My son normally likes to buy Puma for his cleats,

$19.95 - $32.47

PUMA Unisex-Adult Men's Logo Popcat Slide Sandal

PUMA Unisex-Adult Men's Logo Popcat Slide Sandal


30 May

these are well worth the money, the quality is there, keep it up PUMA.

13 Mar

Wonderful Puma slides

27 Feb

Lindo producto la recomiendo puma una buena marca

28 Jan

I've been wearing these Puma slides ever since.

19 Oct

Basic classic puma slide.

22 Aug

I love my Puma slides!

10 May

but I didn’t want to pay $30-40 😂 I saw these on Amazon for $20 and thought alright let’s give puma a chance.

$45.65 - $155.06

PUMA Men's Future Rider Sneaker

PUMA Men's Future Rider Sneaker


8 Jun

Puma makes great shoes!

26 Mar

I would like to recommend "PUMA Men's Future Rider Sneaker" because they are fit, comfortable and they look well.

29 Nov

Puma does it again, which is probably why I own quite a few different pairs.

$54.95 - $129.99

PUMA Men's Tazon Modern SL FM Sneaker

PUMA Men's Tazon Modern SL FM Sneaker


18 Aug

Puma is my new brand, great quality for a fair price, no political BS

16 Aug

Unlike the trash made in sweat shops in the 3rd world by Nike, these Puma sneakers look good and feel great, which is wonderful when you need to walk around for hours at conventions.

2 Aug

These are my fourth set of Puma shoes.

26 Jul

excellent product i love puma

18 Jul

Bam, you have some authentic Puma shoes.

18 Jul

Same quality I get from the Puma store!

17 Jul

Well done Puma.

14 May

These Puma Sneakers Are Great!

2 Apr

Another great shoe from Puma.

19 Feb

Thank you PUMA for engineering a great product.

$55.88 - $199

PUMA Men's Axelion Cross-Trainer

PUMA Men's Axelion Cross-Trainer


18 Mar

..I'm a big fan of this design and this model of Puma sneakers !

10 Mar

My experience with Puma athletic shoes [many different styles/ types] is that they won't accommodate my high instep without an extra 1/2 size.

12 Mar

I’ve always liked Puma.

27 Jan

Good quality Puma shoe

20 Jan

I already loved Puma for their products

10 Jan

Forget the rest I am Puma shoe guy now after years of being Nike.

3 Jan

I love the puma brand, they fit perfectly, look nice and it's not so overpriced like others brands.

24 Dec

It's all that my fiance expected the shoes to be, he loves puma

26 Nov

Dam the designer that put to puma symbol right over the toe knuckle.

11 Nov

comfortable and sporty Puma.

$59.95 - $110.95

PUMA Men's BMW MMS R-CAT Sneaker

PUMA Men's BMW MMS R-CAT Sneaker


14 Jan

I love puma.

14 Jan

I'll buy puma again,

31 Oct

Great quality you would expect from Puma.

$72.99 - $152

PUMA Men's Tazon 6 Zag Sneaker

PUMA Men's Tazon 6 Zag Sneaker


26 Jun

Although I have several puma sneakers These are uncomfortable Especially around the front.

20 Mar

Some directly from the Puma website and others from Amazon.

20 Mar

This pair is not the standard Puma quality I have had previously.

1 Mar

Great looking Puma shoes that fit great.

16 Feb

Great job PUMA!

4 Feb

Bring back the old black Puma Tazon shoes!

29 Jan

Puma fits me very good and are comfortable (not all brands do).

14 Jan

I really like the Puma brand

7 Jan

These fit wider than any other puma I own.

1 Jan

I loved all the puma symbols on the sneakers, they matched a hoodie top and bottom, I already have.

$79.99 - $154

PUMA Men's Ignite Nxt Disc Golf Shoe

PUMA Men's Ignite Nxt Disc Golf Shoe


16 May

I will never buy Puma again.

25 Apr

Second pair of Puma golf shoes.

19 Apr

My 2nd consecutive pair of Puma golf shoes purchased and can't find another golf shoe more comfortable.

17 Apr

I have 8 pairs of Puma shoes.

21 Feb

My second pair of Puma PwrAdpt.

10 Jan

I highly recommend these and hopefully Puma makes some spiked shoes like these as well!

9 Jan

Thanks puma, for making me lazier than I already am.

7 Jan

Puma shoes are fantastic, I own a pair and got these for my son.

2 Jan

This shoe uses A puma brand lock instead of the boa lock.

30 Sep

Great quality will now only buy Puma golf shoes!!! !

$139.95 - $283.8

PUMA Men's Safety, Conquest 7 Inch CTX Waterproof Boot

PUMA Men's Safety, Conquest 7 Inch CTX Waterproof Boot


25 Apr

I've spent over $200 on Ariat and Redwing and while these are excellent boots, these Puma are just as good if not better for a fraction of the cost.

12 Apr

This is the second pair of puma bootsI have purchased.

11 Mar

I’m very pleased with these waterproof steel toes from Puma.

3 Mar

Puma workboots, who knew.

11 Dec

but Puma work boots.

12 Nov

Good job Puma!

12 Aug

The Puma Conquest has the right amount of wiggle room for me.

12 Aug

Puma has a habit of discontinuing popular, good-fitting footwear, so when I later discovered they were on sale at Zappos, I purchased 4 additional pairs, 2 brown and 2 black.

12 Aug

The only good part about the insole is the heel, which is thick enough and feels fine, to lightweights like me at least, despite the grooves Puma couldn't resist putting THERE as well.

$13.99 - $29.99

WXQ Men's Running Lightweight Breathable Casual Sports Shoes Fashion Sneakers Walking Shoes

WXQ Men's Running Lightweight Breathable Casual Sports Shoes Fashion Sneakers Walking Shoes


10 Nov

My sizes: 11 on Nike, Adidas, Puma 10.5 on Cole Haan, Crocs, Reebok 10 on Timberland I purchased the 10.5 on these and they fit perfectly as if they were custom made.

1 Jul

If you are looking for an affordable knitted lifestyle/running shoe, I would highly recommend looking into Puma Iqnite Flash Evoknits instead.

27 Jun

I usually wear boots with the zipper on the side or these classic puma high tops that I just slide my feet in without having to tie my laces.

$14.95 - $34.34

PUMA Men's Epic Flip 2 Sandal

PUMA Men's Epic Flip 2 Sandal


9 Jun

I love Puma.

8 May

My hubby loved his gift thanks puma!amazon

8 Aug

I bought these flip flops as a replacement to my old puma flip flops I had been wearing for 15-ish years.

26 Jun

Got my puma flip flops today and im already wearing them fits good feels good nice and comfortable

4 Mar

If it says Puma on the label it is excellent quality!

25 Nov

Love puma, love these flip flops, comfortable and stylish

28 Aug

My husband loves them, we been buying the same flip flops for years now, we have tried other brands and nothing compares to Puma.

23 Aug

I love puma flip flops.

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