outdoorgolf shoes

$129.98 - $157.17

Under Armour Men's Showdown Golf Shoe

Under Armour Men's Showdown Golf Shoe

outdoorgolf shoe

15 Aug

Good set of golf shoes just be careful If you have really wide foot

21 Feb

UPDATE: 2/23/2021 Wore these for 18 holes of muni golf and my feet felt great.

27 Dec

Nice golf shoes

18 Sep

used it first to play golf with my son

24 Aug

Under Armour has now entered the golf equipment arena.

24 Aug

They bring their attention to detail and quality they are known for to golf shoes.

24 Aug

The leather uppers are comfortable even at the end of a long day of golf.

15 Jul

They were very comfy walking around the house and imitating my golf swing.

4 Jul

Very stylish and you can tell they are quality built golf shoes.

26 Jun

Feet feel great after a round of golf.

$68.99 - $249.26

ECCO Men's Soft 7 Long Lace Sneaker

ECCO Men's Soft 7 Long Lace Sneaker

outdoorgolf shoe

23 May

A true comfortable walking experience.

29 Apr

love it and I use it for golf

7 Apr

So I gave these a try and I was NOT disappointed, they make a high quality shoe and when walking around Vegas my feet did not get sore once, and just kept on walking.

27 Mar

The other shoes I have (golf, hybrids.

21 Mar

very comfy fit good very well made , no more walking in clown shoes with oversized foot shape typical of most shoes made in the east .

13 Mar

I’m a sale associate and I do a lot of walking all day.

31 Jan

They don't fit as snug as my ecco golf shoes

12 Jan

Constantly walking and/or standing on concrete floors.

7 Jan

The shoe fits perfect, it is comfortable, and the little round rubber platforms actually make a comfortable sole to walk with.

7 Dec

I tried breaking them in by walking with them everyday.

$138.69 - $256.99

ECCO Men's Cool 2.0 Leather Gore-Tex Fashion Sneaker

ECCO Men's Cool 2.0 Leather Gore-Tex Fashion Sneaker

outdoorgolf shoe

31 May

I walk 18 holes almost daily and need comfortable supportive shoes.

10 Oct

Great arch support, comfortable to walk long distances in.

23 Jun

I bought this pair of supposedly comfort shoes to practice my hoppy which is walking.

14 Apr

I wear ECCO golf shoes when I play golf.

14 Apr

I actually have 6 pair of these golf shoes.

14 Apr

These are the most comfortable golf shoes have ever worn after 50+ yrs of playing.

25 Jan

It is light and perfect for walking many miles.

3 Jan

Best walking shoe I have!

17 Dec

I pretty much wear the Ecco brand exclusively - work, casual, golf - and have never been disappointed with their products.

4 Nov

Everyone else walking around me quietly.