outdoortennis shoes

$24.51 - $116.28

Fila Men's Vulc 13 Mid Plus Walking Shoe

Fila Men's Vulc 13 Mid Plus Walking Shoe

outdoortennis shoe

22 May

Yes I do a lot of walking,

18 Mar

So I don't think these will be ideal for walking great distances.

12 Aug

but it literally wears off as you walk, run , or heaven forbid play a sport.

30 Jun

My feet require a good pair of walking shoes

4 Nov

Walking around

26 Jul

I like them very much to walk around while it's summer

20 Jun

Great shoes for Crip walking up n down Woodlawn Blvd

15 Jun

What the heck, it's like I was hiking freakin Mt Everest on a path of burning coals.

18 Apr

Lasted 2 days of moderate walking.

17 Jan

A very good line of Fila walking shoes with huge choices of colors/accents, the size fits perfectly, overall quality and look even better than I expected.

$27.74 - $53.22

Concept 3 by Skechers Men's Xavien Lace-up Sneaker

Concept 3 by Skechers Men's Xavien Lace-up Sneaker

outdoortennis shoe

4 May

The shoes are very comfortable and supportive for walking.

16 Apr

Comfortable for walking

8 Apr

Comfortable walking shoe.

24 Mar

These are made for running.

18 Jan

Use it everyday to walk my dogs

7 Jan

Comfortable shoes for walking

6 Jan

Really good and light weight shoes and j feel so good when I walk so overall it’s really good quality from it

12 Dec

but seems to be a good walking shoe

14 Nov

He wears them for walking and casual outings, so not sure how they would be for running or heavy workouts.

8 Nov

When I was walking they were comfortable

$29.99 - $39.99

JOUSEN Men's Fashion Sneakers Memory Foam Casual Shoes for Men Retro Oxford Sneaker

JOUSEN Men's Fashion Sneakers Memory Foam Casual Shoes for Men Retro Oxford Sneaker

outdoortennis shoe

21 Apr

I was hoping for something that would feel great to wear all day walking around the city on vacation

6 Mar

They fit comfortably and are comfortable to walk in.

1 Nov

Nice casual change from running shoes

12 Oct

Not only is the look great, they feel comfortable and light, so they’re easy to walk around in.

7 Sep

I use the shoes when I walk for fitness; I have had to double knot the laces as they seem to come untied fairly easily.

3 Jul

Never worn for work or physical activities, outside of walking, only for leisure time.

22 May

I just wanted to let the guys know that these sneakers can be worm while playing golf if you so decide.

22 May

I own a pair of ECCO golf shoes that are more than twice the cost of this shoe.

22 May

but again, in dry weather good for golf with that smooth and balanced swing you hopefully, possess.

22 May

I have brown and grey and they go good with shorts and dress pants.. No need to carry extra shoe into the club house for cocktails and dinner after golf.

$32.53 - $178.8

Reebok Men's CL Leather CTE Fashion Sneaker

Reebok Men's CL Leather CTE Fashion Sneaker

outdoortennis shoe

14 May

great for walking

30 Apr

They are reflective which is cool for walking at night.

23 Apr

My son Loves the rebook classics very good quality and very comfortable they come wide with.The leather very sore it’s just a good sneaker fir walking the gym whatever u want to where them

23 Apr

It looks great, feels great, and walks great.

11 Apr

It’s like walking on clouds ☁️ Love the bright color.

22 Mar

Perfect for walking and running and it looks good

31 Jan

Very comfortable to walk in and look very cool.

29 Dec

I would use this sneaker for walking.

14 Oct

He said it is very comfortable and he could walk all day with it.

5 Aug

Its just a sneaker goes on me feet so i can walk around abd not step on sharp stuff.

$38.41 - $111.29

Reebok Men's Classic Renaissance Fashion Sneaker

Reebok Men's Classic Renaissance Fashion Sneaker

outdoortennis shoe

20 Jun

I still have a couple old pair I wear for walking and yardwork

4 Jun

Very comfortable and easy to walk with

13 May

I could walk miles on these and not regret it.

1 May

Goin to Ocean city for Cruise night needed something comfortable I could walk in ,

3 Mar

Every day walking

21 Feb

Great show for working in, especially when you do a lot of walking!

15 Feb

but man these are so comfortable when I walk and even when I’m sitting down on the production floor at work.

10 Feb

The shoe fits my prosthetic foot properly and provides the proper amount of stable support that makes walking a bit easier.

17 Dec

The sole also has a waffle-iron bottom with nubs that works great for not tracking sand and dirt from outdoors to in.

15 Aug

Perfect for walking and running.

$38.43 - $138.28

Skechers Sport Men's Stamina Nuovo Cutback Lace-Up Sneaker

Skechers Sport Men's Stamina Nuovo Cutback Lace-Up Sneaker

outdoortennis shoe

24 Jun

good for walking and running - two thumbs up !! !

2 Jun

You had my size,and their the most comfortable walking shoe I’ve ever owned,thank you

31 May

Product fits well, offers good support for power walk, and looks good, too!

27 May

He's 82 and needs an extra wide shoe that is comfortable for walking.

13 May

Great for exercise and walking.

6 May

I use them for running, walking, trekking, and many court sports and always felt great.

4 May

I work on concrete floors and walk 15-18 miles a day so ultimate comfort is mandatory.

23 Apr

Great for walking, not a fan of running in them

20 Apr

I’m 61 and my feet have boney outgrowths from running hills since the age of 13.

20 Apr

I have Sketchers Go Walks in that size and incredibly they are the most comfortable shoes I own.

$39.95 - $164.09

Skechers Men's Delson-Axton Sneaker

Skechers Men's Delson-Axton Sneaker

outdoortennis shoe

15 Jun

Now my everyday walking shoes, comfortable and look great.

3 Jun

The sole is perfect in that other Sketchers I own tend to stick and almost trip me while walking on some surfaces.

11 May

I'm walking a lot everyday for work.

1 Apr

Great comfort for walking.

1 Apr

Everyday casual wear including length walks.

20 Jan

This shoes are very comfortable, and the place where I work, requires a lot of walking !! !

18 Aug

but good enough for when walking through the rain.

12 Jul

I do a lot of walking and these are super comfortable.

5 May

We ordered her some stylish sketcher walking shoes.

7 Apr

Great shoe I do outdoor work and there great keep my feet dry.

$42.77 - $162.41

adidas Originals Men's X_PLR Running Shoe

adidas Originals Men's X_PLR Running Shoe

outdoortennis shoe

16 Apr

I use them solely for walking around.. stylish . .

3 Apr

whether you're working out or just walking, this shoe is it.

30 Mar

I love this item my feet feels like it’s walking on clouds

7 Mar

They are firm and perfect walking shoes 👟 . Supportive.

10 Jan

Use them as walking shoes.

2 Jan

perfect for running or leisure

28 Nov

Great walking shoes

30 Aug

Very comfortable, good for running, walking and just everyday sneakers.

8 Jul

This shoes is the perfect gym, running or dress shoe.

10 Jun

These shoes were marketed as "running shoes" a few months ago, and now they're being marketed as "fashion sneakers."

$44.99 - $120.89

Skechers Men's Equalizer 3.0 Oxford

Skechers Men's Equalizer 3.0 Oxford

outdoortennis shoe

28 Jun


16 Apr

I am a manager in a warehouse where I sometimes walk on concrete for miles a day.

16 Apr

Running shoes seem to wear out in less than a year

3 Dec

For me, they're used for walking.

22 Oct

He really likes these and says they are so comfortable it is like walking on air.

30 Sep

Very light and great for my walking.

18 Sep

but for the amount of walking I do in a day, the acid test will be how well the soles hold up.

2 Sep

For occasional use and light walking shoe should be fine

2 Sep

but not sure shoe is best for people who go for long walks regularly.

23 Aug

so it is ideal for walking and running, thanks amazon.

$50 - $55

Reebok mens Bb4500 Hi 2

Reebok mens Bb4500 Hi 2

outdoortennis shoe

23 Apr

Especially since I just want to walk around the streets.

2 Jan

I have wide feet and the shoes are comfortable to walk in.

15 Mar

I've got runners and cross trainers and now these.

$67.74 - $120.25

Rockport Men's Colle Tie Sneaker

Rockport Men's Colle Tie Sneaker

outdoortennis shoe

20 Jun

I enjoy Rockports for work since I am always standing or walking, and this brand is usually durable

15 May

I understood that they are supposed to be good walking shoes,

15 May

They are incredibly light and when I put them on, it's like walking on air.

30 Mar

I walk about 8 miles a day at work and these shoes have greatly reduced my foot and back pain.

25 Jan

The worn out areas have appeared after about 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill.

29 Dec

Great value feel comfy and soft easy to walk around.

7 Oct

It's OK for a beach wedding

27 Jun

I guess I can only recommend them to someone who doesn't do a lot of walking.

29 Apr

Love these because they are comfy to walk in on the city sidewalks or the country roads even on campus while looking stylish and the leather will comform as any leather sneaker would.

9 Aug

very lightweight and great for walking.

$32.99 - $39.99

Jousen Men's Fashion Sneakers 3 Eyelets Simple Style Casual Shoes

Jousen Men's Fashion Sneakers 3 Eyelets Simple Style Casual Shoes

outdoortennis shoe

11 Jun

but also comfortable and light, l"ike walking on a cloud".

7 Jun

I wore them recently to Vegas and my feet did not hurt with all the walking.

6 Jun

They are very well made and after a several months of him walking, running and playing hard they’ve held up.

17 Apr

Walking and every day use sweet very confy thank you

10 Apr

Wore this shoe for a beach wedding.

27 Feb

The shoes look good they feel good I am pleased with the quality of the material very comfortable to walk around

10 Oct

Comfortable and easy for walking light weight

2 Jun

I do a lot of walking so these shoes fit very well

23 Apr

Saw these a house and got them now he is walking very well with a walker.

22 Nov

You can walk for blocks and still feel comfortable.

$33 - $133

Skechers Men's Classic Fit-delson-Camden Sneaker

Skechers Men's Classic Fit-delson-Camden Sneaker

outdoortennis shoe

20 Jun

Feels like your walking on your mattress, very nice shoes.

26 May

but once it is on it is a comfortable fit, and walking much lighter!

23 May

If you do light walking, these are ok.

21 May

These are comfy causal walking shoes that have so far lasted 2 months if foot dragging.

20 May

Great fitting shoes, memory foam is awesome especially if you have to walk a lot!

13 May

Good to walk, extremely light!

10 May

Needed something to wear around the house and running errands that weren’t my gym shoes or super nice sneakers.

8 May

I needed something light and cool for working outdoors.

3 May

but once he put them on and started walking with him often he loves them and we're going to be purchasing a few other pairs.

25 Apr

The problem was he thought these were too dressy for him to go walking in & now wants another pair of shoes to walk in.

$33.93 - $124.88

Saucony Originals Men's Jazz Original Vintage Sneaker

Saucony Originals Men's Jazz Original Vintage Sneaker

outdoortennis shoe

2 Jun

I walk, run, hike, and play the drums in these shoes hard every day.

28 May

I like how comfortable they feel and I can walk for a long time wearing them.

18 Mar

Probably a better walking shoe than running though.

1 Feb

Had a strawberry pair similar to these that were the best running shoes ever

25 Jan

I have a pair of sauconys I really like to wear, was looking for something warmer for cold weather walks.

25 Jan

And, they are warmer than my first pair, as these are designed for cold weather hikes.

8 Oct

Great for running and walking and all around a good sneaker.

5 Oct

I use for walking, running, walking, working out.

6 Sep

They fit very well and provide excellent support for walking.

14 Jun

These are a perfect cheap pair for sneakerheads to romp around town in and stay comfortable walking all day long.

$39.9 - $160.54

Reebok Men's Club C 85 Sneaker

Reebok Men's Club C 85 Sneaker

outdoortennis shoe

22 May

I love these shoes; they’re lightweight and comfortable to walk in.

21 May

Comfortable, very supportive and light weight for lots of walking.

6 May

The shoes are well built, good looking, light weight, cushiony for long walks.

9 Apr

I walk every day for 3 to 6 miles.

20 Mar

Great casual walking shoe!

24 Feb


22 Jan

Nice for walking.

16 Nov

This tennis shoe can be used for walking, playing tennis, jogging, working out at the gym, etc.

3 Nov

These sneakers wore out very quickly, I wear them daily to walk ~1 mile and after less than a year they are shot.

1 Aug

My favorite walking shoe.

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