$16.99 - $28.99

VAMJAM Men's Casual Athletic Sneakers Fashion Lightweight Breathable Mesh Running Shoes

VAMJAM Men's Casual Athletic Sneakers Fashion Lightweight Breathable Mesh Running Shoes


10 Apr

As an personal trainer, This is a casual shoe meant for casual occasions not for working out or running.

11 Nov

Definitely wont be running in these shoes,

8 Aug

I'm wearing them to work, to walking or running.

2 Aug

Perfect for running only.

$23.99 - $38.99

Men's Slip-Ons Sock Walking Shoes - Mesh Breathable Slip On Athletic Casual Fashion Shoes Sneakers Loafers Like Wear Socks

Men's Slip-Ons Sock Walking Shoes - Mesh Breathable Slip On Athletic Casual Fashion Shoes Sneakers Loafers Like Wear Socks


9 Jan

Went for a couple more jog with it and it was comfortable.

9 Jan

I mostly plan to have it for lazy days running errands or around town when I just want to s slip on some comfortable walking shoes.

19 Nov

great shoe for walking, running or being on your feet for hours.

11 Nov

Snug, comfy, has a sole like a jogging shoe.

23 Sep

I definitely recommend them if your looking for an everyday walking/running show.

31 Jul

I use it more this kind shoe for my daily running.

30 Mar

Slip on is handy for running around the house or taking dogs out.

3 Feb

Great for walking and running around town

$33 - $133

Skechers Men's Classic Fit-delson-Camden Sneaker

Skechers Men's Classic Fit-delson-Camden Sneaker


10 May

Needed something to wear around the house and running errands that weren’t my gym shoes or super nice sneakers.

11 Apr

Very nice upscale footwear for jogging outfits.

21 Sep

I spend 12+ hours a day on my feet(walking, running and standing).

6 Aug

Won't be running in them

26 Jun

Comfortable in-soles and good for walks and running,

13 Jun

Usually wear skate shoes bit needed some diabetic friendly running walking shoes.

10 May

I need to go get my own.. other than that these are great and I plan on running them into the ground!

18 Apr

They are great buy for someone who wants a quick slip shoe for the house or running to the store.

18 Mar

So great to own these super comfortable shoes, that don't look like running shoes!

31 Jan

I'd recommend these more for everyday wear, not if you plan on running or exercising.

$33.93 - $124.88

Saucony Originals Men's Jazz Original Vintage Sneaker

Saucony Originals Men's Jazz Original Vintage Sneaker


18 Mar

Probably a better walking shoe than running though.

1 Feb

Had a strawberry pair similar to these that were the best running shoes ever

8 Oct

Great for running and walking and all around a good sneaker.

5 Oct

I use for walking, running, walking, working out.

19 May

I used to love the Jazz many many (35) years ago when it was a true running shoe.

19 Sep

They are also very comfortable for walking and running.

4 Sep

Saucony has been around for a while and is one of the top running shoes around.

30 Apr

I had been wearing some generic Nike running shoes that are sort of my "do it all" shoe,

27 Dec

Great jogging shoe, very comfortable

29 Nov

Product is used for work, I walk 6-8 miles per day in a large retail store, I use to wear these running 25 years ago

$35.96 - $135.32

Skechers Men's Elite Flex Wasik Loafer

Skechers Men's Elite Flex Wasik Loafer


6 Dec

but probably better for casual look and use than actually walking or jogging.

31 Dec

They are perfect for running or going to the gym.

20 Oct

They are super comfortable and easy to slip on and go walking, running, and even nice dinner outings.

19 Feb

As well as walkers and runners.

18 Oct

They aren’t great for any type of light jogging as they esastic gives too much and your feet don’t feel secure.

10 Mar

The Skechers Elite Flex Wasik Loafer is a very convenient and comfortable quick slip-on loafer for running quick errands, walks around the community and working around the home garden, a walk with the dog, playing with kids in the yard and so on.

4 Mar

Great for running around town.

1 Mar

So, if you plan to do any long term running or jogging in them, I recommend looking elsewhere.

17 Feb

They are definitely not sporting or "tennis" shoes, and I wouldn't recommend them for heavy activity like running (and, to their credit, the manufacturer does call them "loafers").

17 Feb

Not a running or sports shoe.


GOOBON Air Shoes for Men Tennis Sports Athletic Workout Gym Running Sneakers Size 7-12

GOOBON Air Shoes for Men Tennis Sports Athletic Workout Gym Running Sneakers Size 7-12


12 May

if you need running,walking or anything in between you should grab a pair.great shoe.

23 Feb

Definitely ok for running, definitely not ok for tennis .

20 Jan

I dont usually buy shoes online, bought quickly cuz i like nike running shoes and thought they were nikes.

16 Jan

but comfortable running shoes

26 Aug

They are very comfortable and I have put quite a few miles on them most mornings when I am out jogging and walking.

28 Jul

He started liking them as he is using for his daily running and tennis practice.

$45.24 - $139.38

Skechers Men's Afterburn M. Fit Strike on

Skechers Men's Afterburn M. Fit Strike on


30 Dec

Leather sneakers with teflon straps, a high quality running shoe that I managed to pick up at a major discount.

23 Jan

No laces to become tangled when walking/running on treadmill works out great.

24 Dec

These runners are a great buy and a great fit.

7 Mar

Are shoes for running,

$45.95 - $132.93

Skechers Men's Elite Flex Hartnell Loafer

Skechers Men's Elite Flex Hartnell Loafer


18 Sep

I bought this purposely for my backyard workouts which is a lot of jump ropes, running on grass, jumping on concrete and tons of sweating.

3 Sep

though than something for running or exercise.

6 Dec

-For running it may also not be very comfortable since lack of tying makes the shoes a little loose which does not harm during casual to speed walking

28 Apr

Great shoes for walking or running!

23 Feb

Definitely recommend for casual use, may not be good for running or basketball type activities.

$46 - $122.5

Skechers for Work Men's Synergy Ekron Alloy Toe Work Shoe

Skechers for Work Men's Synergy Ekron Alloy Toe Work Shoe


17 May

Now they feel like I'm wearing running shoes except that at the end of the day my feet still feel fine instead of fatigued like with other shoes.

18 Feb

I work in a distribution center as a mechanic so i am on my feet running all day on a concrete surface and learned very quickly that normal shoes just won't cut it.

31 Mar

Unfortunately there isnt much support in the shoe so they feel minimalist (like a running shoe or barefoot).

8 Mar

I received more than a few surprised looks on my co-workers faces when they noticed my new "work" shoes and thought they were just a sleek looking pair of running shoes until I told them about the features.

22 Jan

Comfortable and feels like I am wearing running shoes.

$49.91 - $159.95

adidas Men's Falcon

adidas Men's Falcon


8 May

I bought this running shoes, because they are so comfortable, they are my third pair.

25 Feb

Very good running shoes.

2 Feb

It is best for running long miles and it met my expectations.

27 Oct

I use this sneakers for running and work out to exercise

20 Mar

Great shoe.. running, walking, chilling.

4 Jan

I can wear these all day with little to not discomfort until I start running for any distance longer than a mile.

27 Sep

I bought these for running on treadmill.

6 Sep

I’m not a runner & bought them strictly for walking so overall comfort is important.

9 Jul

It fits and are great running shoes for my son

$54.95 - $129.99

PUMA Men's Tazon Modern SL FM Sneaker

PUMA Men's Tazon Modern SL FM Sneaker


28 Jul

These shoes work great for running or walking on roofs; they're quite grippy and so far have been durable enough for construction.

28 Jul

Overall, I definitely recommend these for running and roofing.

9 Mar

Great running shoes and for the gym too.

14 Feb

It's excellent running shoes

1 Jul

Not a good running shoe, as not a lot of cushion for ball of foot.

27 May

Puma is a great shoe, I highly recommend then to anybody looking for an all around great shoe for walking, running, or standing for hours at a time.

24 May

but non the less, i love them, they look super cool and running never felt better!!

16 Apr

Works get running socks with these

16 Mar

Running shoes that I use as spikeless golf shoes my third pair

15 Jan

Excellent shoes, been a puma fan since running track in high school.

$55.88 - $199

PUMA Men's Axelion Cross-Trainer

PUMA Men's Axelion Cross-Trainer


19 May

Light and flexible enough to work well as a running shoe, while providing enough rigidity to work as a day to day shoe as well.

10 Mar

I don't wear them for running or exercise walks of long duration.

21 Jun

I do a lot of walking and running and they last longer Than any other brand I've tried.

9 Jun

though because I’ve been needing new running shoes.

28 May


3 Apr

Very comfortable and excellent support after running two marathons in a row.

$56.42 - $104

K-Swiss Men's Classic Vn Sneaker

K-Swiss Men's Classic Vn Sneaker


30 May

Good fit, just needs to be broken in, like any leather upper shoe. Comfortable in walking and some running here in there with the 🐕.Not much to say basic show with 4 stripes:-)

10 Apr

Supports the bottom of feet while walking, running etc.

6 Sep

I have not purchased any other tennis type or running or walking shoes for over 35 years.

13 Dec

My daughter has running club and she loves the fit of these tennis shoes

20 Mar

Fine for errands or running around,

11 Nov

I do a lot of running and walking for work, in all types of conditions, these haven’t let me down yet.

18 Apr

They are just comfortable to me weather I'm playing drums or playing with my kids outside or running around.

5 Mar

They are tighter than Ascis runners, which is the only other shoe I wear a 11.5 in.

28 Feb

Unlike so many running shoes or sneakers with a very cushioned sole that wear unevenly and ends their usable life early, this sneaker wears extremely long and even.

$57.12 - $155

Saucony Men's Shadow 6000 Sneaker

Saucony Men's Shadow 6000 Sneaker


7 Apr

I’ve been running in these classic Sauconys for decades (well started in the original Shadow in the 80s and then the 6000s in the early 90s).

2 Oct

I was using this sneaker running long distances over 35 years ago andcseitched to Nike I didn’t realize how much I missed these!

27 Sep

My Saucony Shadow 5000 (discontinued years ago) from the '90's are my favorite running shoes.

27 Sep

The track coach where I taught recommended them as a good running shoe.

12 Dec

The only running shoe I wear.

$59.95 - $99.99

Nike Mens Vortak Fabric Low Top Lace Up Fashion Sneakers

Nike Mens Vortak Fabric Low Top Lace Up Fashion Sneakers


31 Mar

I do want to state that this is the second pair of the Zoom running shoes that I have purchased.

25 Jan

I have been wearing Nike Air Zoom Structure Running shoe since Structure 5.

28 Dec

Performs as expected for running.

20 Nov

Great stability running shoe

21 Sep

I have been buying this model of Nike running shoes at least once a year for years.

21 Sep

The cushioning and stability features work well for my running style and mileage.

31 Aug

Very comfortable running shoe.

19 Aug

A previous marathon runner and now at 84 still walking!

21 Mar

Good stable running shoe.

17 Mar

These Running shoe's soles are completely worn out.

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