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$19.19 - $39.99

Joomra Men's Knit/Leather Wingtip Oxford Dress Shoes

Joomra Men's Knit/Leather Wingtip Oxford Dress Shoes


24 Jun

Soft and comfortable, you do not get tired while walking.

12 Jun

One of the best fitting shore I ever bought .

18 May

but they make walking around the office nice.

27 Aug

They have made their way to water parks, summer camp and the beach this summer and still love brand new.

30 Jun

These are great for hiking when you want something small and compact.

30 Jun

Great for hikes that go through lots of water.

30 Jun

Great for traveling to palces where you will hike as they are light weight and compact.

30 Jun

You CAN swim in them if need be (I was hiking in a place that involved a couple of spots where swinning was needed).

30 Jun

Great for river hiking and boulder hoping.

3 Jun

I wear them for easy walks with my dog (at least a mile), I wear them for errands and for gardening.