outdoorhiking shoes

$44.94 - $135.32

Skechers Men's Crossbar Oxford

Skechers Men's Crossbar Oxford

outdoorhiking shoe

27 May

Very comfortable shoes, also water resistant which is very helpful for walking in the wet grass in the morning.

11 May

They are perfect for walking, hiking, and give cushion and support to ease my back pain!

8 May

im a senior citizen and walk daily with this sneaker.most comfortable shoe ive owned.

5 Apr

Working at Target, I walk six to seven miles a day on a hard floor and my feet hurt at the end of the day (I have to ice them at times).

17 Nov

A few years ago I bought a pair of walking loafers.

17 Nov

Bought a pair of Skecher hiking shoes.

31 Aug

Made the move to Skechers for walking shoes and I'm very impressed with this Crossbar brand.

4 Aug

Tread is great for outdoor activities.

27 Jan

I put about a thousand miles walking (per my FItbit) on a pair before getting a new pair.

15 Jan

Purchased shoe for walking gave me great support.

$41.72 - $154.74

Skechers Men's Terrabite Oxford

Skechers Men's Terrabite Oxford

outdoorhiking shoe

22 Jun

A great tred, seems to be designed for hiking on a trail in the woods, I just use them for walking around suburban locations.

14 Jun

Great shoe for hiking or walking.

1 Jun

Bought these hiking shoes, fit is pretty decent,

1 Jun

but walking in grass with dew, all my toes were soaking wet with cold dew, which literally immediately soaked through the fabric, ruining a good day of hiking with soaked cold feet.

25 May

I wear them just about every day and can do a good bit of walking and the average pair still lasts over two years before they start having issues.

21 May

They are an outdoor type to shoe.

3 Apr

He wore them on the flight and hiked in them the next day.

6 Feb

The shoes are great for walking.

2 Feb

They are sturdy and feel a bit more like hiking apparel.

26 Jan

He walks in them, works in them, and wears them out.