outdoortennis shoes

$35.96 - $113

Skechers Men's Moreno Canvas Oxford Shoe

Skechers Men's Moreno Canvas Oxford Shoe

outdoortennis shoe

9 Jun

I love these shoes, I can walk in them, they're stylish.

8 Jun

Great for walking.

14 May

to give you an idea of just how picky, I typically spend between $100.00 to $175 on my casual shoes because there is nothing worse than walking in a shoe that does not feel good.

9 May

Nice fit, true to size, comfortable for walking, good value for the price!

16 Apr

He said they feel like walking on a cloud.

26 Mar

Miserable to walk in.

17 Mar

The shoe has a decent feel to walk on,

17 Mar

I have not been able to successfully soften the back, and any type of walking in the shoe results in blisters.

19 Jan

but they wore in after a short dog walk.

18 Jan

Comfortable walking shoe

$53.63 - $299.66

Cole Haan Men's Zerogrand Wing Oxford

Cole Haan Men's Zerogrand Wing Oxford

outdoortennis shoe

18 Aug

They are as comfortable as running shoes.

6 Apr

I can walk in these all day.

16 Feb

I can wear them all day while walking and they are the most comfortable dress shoe I have ever worn.

5 Feb

Amazing upgrade, especially if you’re trying to get a more comfortable dress shoe to walk in.

11 May

I can’t wear running shoes and these are just as comfy as my Brooks Glycerin shoes!

25 Apr

I walk about 7800 steps a day walking around the office doing IT choirs not much

25 Dec

but after a couple of hour walking with them, they were ok.

22 Dec

Third pair that I have purchase these are great for walking.

8 Dec

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7 Dec

I could walk in these shoes all day!

$36.97 - $120

Nautica Men's Wingdeck Oxford Shoe Fashion Sneaker

Nautica Men's Wingdeck Oxford Shoe Fashion Sneaker

outdoortennis shoe

26 Apr

Fits good and great for walking!

24 Apr

These are great shoes, perfect for walking.

9 Feb

I’m always standing and walking.

15 Nov

Very comfortable for walking.

3 Apr

Very comfortable and can walk forever without stress.

14 Dec

Otherwise it's ok. Looks good and is flexible when you walk .

3 Dec

I walk a lot every day, had them for months, still going well.

16 Nov

Part of my day involves being on my feet and walking to many places.

16 Nov

These shoes are night and day when it comes to the feeling of your feet after wearing normal dress shoes and walking around.

13 Aug

I walk a good portion of the day outside on concrete.

$39.95 - $107.91

Skechers Men's Citywalk Malton

Skechers Men's Citywalk Malton

outdoortennis shoe

26 May

Bought these based on reviews thinking they would be very comfortable for walking and a good, cool looking casual shoe.

13 May

Comfortable walking shoe.

8 May

I have worn them to walk my dogs and the sole has already begun to wear through!

6 May

Just good 👍 walking 🚶‍♀️shoes

22 Apr

Using these when I play golf.

12 Apr

Really form fitting great on the golf course as well

18 Mar

but are very comfortable and allow me to walk on my lunch without changing shoes.

18 Mar

Wanted a more casual shoe instead of walking shoe

17 Jan

but I use them for mountain biking with platform pedals.

15 Jan

I am walking on air again!

$60 - $150

Cole Haan Men's Grand Tour Wing Oxford

Cole Haan Men's Grand Tour Wing Oxford

outdoortennis shoe

27 Feb

Feels like you're walking on clouds.

1 Feb

Like walking on clouds

16 Jul

It is tough to walk, for very long in these.

14 Jul

Very comfortable shoe I walk on concrete 10 hours a day this shoe is nice

11 Apr

Feels like your walking in your running shoes, yet looks business casual .

7 Mar

but walk like tennis shoes.

11 Feb

All day standing and walking and they feel great.

28 Dec

Good everyday shoe for someone who is constantly walking around my shop.

16 Nov

Super comfortable to walk in also!

14 Nov

but I can walk in these almost all day long in comfort.


LAOKS Mens Wingtip Dress Shoes, Lace-up Oxford, Fashion Sneaker

LAOKS Mens Wingtip Dress Shoes, Lace-up Oxford, Fashion Sneaker

outdoortennis shoe

14 Apr

This pair of shoes are very had, meaning No flexibility, so not too comfortable, seems to drag while walking, meaning you have to make sure you pick up each step, or you slid.

9 Dec

While walking it seems to crease at the top making the walk uncomfortable otherwise it's a perfect fit and look as expected

1 Dec

I am a teacher that is on his feet all day, I used to easily get 6000 steps per day just walking around the classroom in my old dress shoes.

1 Dec

I have to say that these are performing above and beyond my expectations, they are comfortable walking outside as well as walking around the classroom all day.

26 Oct

I walk 5-6 miles per day at work and so far, they’re proving to be pretty durable.

26 Aug

Very comfortable walking on hard floors all day.

4 Oct

Loaks are very comfortable and allow you.a quality look , along with tons of comfort, I played professional football for 7 years ass a running back, and the loaks do wonders for soar aching knees and feet!

8 Aug

And we were warned that there would be a lot of walking so bring comfortable shoes.

21 May

I am on my feet all day for work and it’s like walking with sport shoes.

9 May

For my own comfort I have always swapped the insoles from my new running shoes with my work shoes.

$44.96 - $139

Skechers Sport Men's Flex Advantage 2.0 the Happs Oxford

Skechers Sport Men's Flex Advantage 2.0 the Happs Oxford

outdoortennis shoe

12 Jun

I use these for daily walking around, Very light and comfortable.

29 May

I've paid 5.00 for river shoes made better with better material

11 Apr

Fits good and easy to walk in

3 Apr

I fell like I’m walking on Air!

3 Apr

Really comfortable shoe and great for walking and every day wear.

29 Mar

We both wear these shoes when we know a lot of walking will be involved, and these won’t let you down.

28 Mar

This is possibly the most comfortable pair of sneakers I've ever worn, It feels like I'm walking on air.

25 Mar

It is very irritating to walk on the road with soles full of small rocks.

25 Mar

I cleaned mine after one five mile walk on pavement and will use them as house shoes only!

22 Jan

Love these shoes for walking and everyday things ❤️

$45.99 - $145.99

Clarks Men's Tilden Walk Oxford

Clarks Men's Tilden Walk Oxford

outdoortennis shoe

15 Jun

The material of the heel makes them very quiet when walking, so if you like that definitive click every time you step this might not be the shoe for you

12 Jun

I am a heavy (320 lb) teaching physician running around to and fro from the hospital to the clinic.

10 May

Within a few days they were good to go and I was walking around with no issue.

13 Apr

Ok for a walk or standing all day on the job.

14 Mar

I also sell campers so I walk 7-9 miles a day on pavement.

13 Mar

Being a banker, usually walking through offices, these shoes are so comfortable.

25 Jul

These have a ribbed rubber bottom which is great for comfort and walking

22 Jun

I work at a place that has me walking for about 6 hours around the building in business formal attire.

26 Feb

Did a lot of walking in them and wasn't an issue.

30 Jan

Extremely comfortable for walking long distances and standing long periods.

$60.4 - $121.47

Rockport Men's Zaden Ubal Oxford

Rockport Men's Zaden Ubal Oxford

outdoortennis shoe

22 Jun

Fits perfect and feels like your walking on cushions.

11 Jan

Fits well and is comfortable to walk in.

14 Apr

Whether you have a job standing all day on your feet or you are walking the streets of Paris on a vacation, a cushioned insole is truly a blessing.

$75.65 - $139.95

Hush Puppies Men's Bennet Wingtip Oxford Sneaker

Hush Puppies Men's Bennet Wingtip Oxford Sneaker

outdoortennis shoe

17 Oct

The sole of the shoe is thick and springy, and makes walking a pleasure.

17 Oct

My wife says they look very preppy, which is a good thing. They can easily be dressed up or down, and they make me want to walk and stand rather than cringe and ask, "Do I have to?"

20 Aug

There tennis shoes, with tennis shoe soles and from what my father says incredibly comfortable inside and like walking on clouds.

18 Aug

They're extremely lightweight and super comfortable, you can walk around in them all day.

18 Aug

The leather is nice, the soles are comfy to walk on, even over sharp pebbles.

13 Aug

These shoes come with included removable pads which feel like walking on air with them on.

13 Aug

Walking and running with these shoes is a joy, and there is absolutely no need to add orthotics to these.

12 Aug

These shoes were comfortable to wear and walk in,

1 Aug

The soles are reminiscent of sneakers, and are both comfortable and offer excellent traction for walking or standing.