$32.99 - $89

adidas Men's Alphabounce Slide

adidas Men's Alphabounce Slide


20 Apr

I'll take Adidas over Nike any day.

4 Dec

Have the same pair of Nike slides for years.

24 Jul

I picked up a pair of under armour and these thinking one has to fit after my Nike got tired and worn out.

3 Jul

They are comparable to the Nike memory foam slides comfort wise and these were a third of the price.

19 May

I usually am Nike guy,

26 Apr

I had a Nike Solarsoft 2 slide and it felt way better on feet in terms of both materials and comfortability.

11 Mar

After they discontinued the nike comfort slide 2's these are the next best and most comfortable slide I've worn.

23 Feb

Better than Jordan and Nike brand sandals that claim they are supportive.

13 Dec

It’s honestly comfortable and not overpriced like Nike sandals

16 Aug

These are the best sandals I've ever owned.. Will never buy another Nike sandal again.. Adidas has my vote, and alphabounce is top tier.

$14.99 - $31.03

Under Armour Men's Locker III Slide Sandal, 11

Under Armour Men's Locker III Slide Sandal, 11


2 Jun

I’ve had Puma, Adidas, Nike and Lacoste slides.

30 May

but these are more comfortable and fit better than a pair of Nike sandals I had recently purchased.

11 May

I'm sure the Nike slides may be more comfortable

8 Jan

I got these as backups for my preferred Nike slides and was expecting too much.

1 Nov

The Locker III Slide is a perfect and comfortable replacement, with the same ergonomics of the Nike model.

28 Oct

Great sandal, and and way better than the Nike sandals I use to wear.

20 Oct

These have been a nice upgrade from my Nike sandals which didn't lost to my abuse.

10 Aug

Feel great and wasn't about to wear anything with a Nike logo.

24 Jul

I bought these for my son, and they are a perfect fit, durable, and have became his favorite go to slides (sorry, orange Nike slides lol!)

24 Jul

Fits great with his Nike trainer socks as well.

$29.61 - $109.99

NIKE Men's Slide Sandal, 4 us

NIKE Men's Slide Sandal, 4 us


2 Apr

So these are my 3rd pair of Nike slippers.

30 Jan

All in all, you're better off buying them at the nike store.

3 Jan

Nike slides are a good wear with different outfits, like it with socks.

29 Dec

They are very supportive, comfortable and are of good robust quality you'd expect from Nike.

6 Dec

These are the standard Nike slides.

4 Nov

Nothing like the real Nike sandals I’ve owned in the past.

20 Oct

I've been buying Nike sandals for years.

23 Sep

Compared to my nikes I bought at the Nike store felt nothing alike.

13 Sep

I got these for my boyfriend a few months ago as a gift because he loves Nike!

11 Sep

We both like the looks and it is fun to see him walking in the dark as the Nike is reflective, makes the dogs bark at "the stranger".


FUNKYMONKEY Men's Slide Sandals Adjustable Slip on Slippers

FUNKYMONKEY Men's Slide Sandals Adjustable Slip on Slippers


22 Apr

He likes them more than the Nike slides he has!

15 Jul

They're Inexpensive But Comfortable For The Price I'd Like To Find Some Like A Nike Air Max Comfort And Pay More For Really Great Comfort.

27 Mar

They are very comfortable and on the pool deck they are easy to see as compared to all of the identical Nike and Adidas sandals scattered about.

$24.33 - $79.83

Champion Boy's Kid's Youth Ipo Big C Logo Slide Sandal

Champion Boy's Kid's Youth Ipo Big C Logo Slide Sandal


19 Oct

and Nike.

18 Sep

Husband loves them better then Nike

28 Apr

but these seem more like an 11.5 He also has Nike slides that are 12 and they're much smaller than those.

13 Nov

I have always been a Nike slide fan

3 Apr

Everything seemed fine I wear a 8 in Nike and that leaves a bit of room for movement and I got a 8 in the sandals and it fit exactly the same idk about all these not fitting comments

$18 - $60

adidas Men's Adilette Shower Slide

adidas Men's Adilette Shower Slide


6 Jun

but I really love these Adidas ones because seems like the Nike once make your feet sweat

28 Apr

You end up adding a lot more weight on your toes since they are sloped that way and are a lot less comfortable than my nike slides.

6 Apr

He prefers the comfort of these rather than Nike slides.

9 Mar

recently we've been leaving our shoes outside because we don't want to bring any dirt or germs in the house so wind up leaving all of our shoes outside including my Nike slides as well.

5 Dec

Been a Nike slide guy for years

25 Nov

Adidas destroys Nike.

21 Oct

Not to happy usually my husband always wants nike n I convinced him to try adidas n that he would love them well that didnt go as planned thanks.

$27.6 - $81.53

Nike Men's Low-Top Sneakers

Nike Men's Low-Top Sneakers


10 Jun

Low end Nike product.

1 Sep

Slides came in black with NIKE logo in orange.

1 Sep

What was pictured and what I ordered was black slides with NIKE logo in white.

15 Aug

It’s NIKE!

11 Aug

These Nike slides are great and comfortable

26 Feb

Great product by Nike as usual!

12 Jan

On the picture when ordering it showed the Nike name in white

8 Oct

I went to my dad's house and he had a similar pair he got from the nike store and they fit much better

6 Sep

Arrived quickly and was a standard Nike slide.

8 Aug

I wear them all the time great Nike product