outdoorhiking shoes

$30.18 - $139.99

New Balance Women's Nitrel V3 Running Shoe

New Balance Women's Nitrel V3 Running Shoe

outdoorhiking shoe

17 Jun

I like wearing them even if I'm not trail running.

8 Jun

These modern retro women's trail running shoes easily work on or off road thanks to AT tread.

4 May

Splendid for walking

8 Apr

I have used them for a week on walks of approx 30 min.

1 Apr

Serious tread on the bottom actual trail hiking shoes !!!

1 Apr

Colot is great for outdoor adventures ! !

19 Mar

I walk alot a work, these are very comfortable.

8 Mar

I will use it for walking.

7 Mar

I have never had this issue with running shoes before.

1 Mar

Great study and stylish shoes for hiking trails and sidewalks.

$99.95 - $204.38

KEEN womens Newport Retro-w

KEEN womens Newport Retro-w

outdoorhiking shoe

26 Jun

Slippery jungle hikes, water, beach. Great.

19 Jun

Best hiking sandal I've ever worn!!! !

15 Jun

Will use them for hiking while camping as well as everyday activities.

13 Jun

Great for camping and bumming around or going to the store!

4 May

I bought this shoe for a hiking trip in the canyons.

4 Apr

They are great for walking and hiking as I don't stub my toes or worry about getting scratched up with vines.

4 Apr

Good grips when walking through waterfalls.

20 Mar

OMG so excited that am able to walk or hike with these with or without socks.

7 Feb

I have a pair of Keen’s hiking boots and I already know how much I like them.

7 Feb

So to recap, I am looking for one shoe to rule them all, hiking boots, tennis shoes, sandals, water shoes, shower shoes and a casual summer dress shoe.