outdoorwalking shoes

$25.95 - $140.25

Lucky Brand Women's Basel Ankle Bootie

Lucky Brand Women's Basel Ankle Bootie

outdoorwalking shoe

2 Apr

I love the solid heel, no clacking as you walk.

4 Mar

They look great and they are decent for walking.

12 Feb

Very comfortable to walk for long durations or be on your feet for an entire day.

10 Dec

I have bought this style Lucky Brand boots for 3 years running and this pair has leather that stretches out of shape.

9 Nov

The heel is just the right height and easy to walk in.

5 Nov

I walk roughly 10 miles per day at brisk speed, and they are holding up!

22 Apr

butt walks on my heels jokingly at work -Theyre great for business casual attire with a little southern charm.

11 Mar

Very comfortable quiet walk great looking perfect fit

24 Feb

Great for walking

28 Jan

it looks like i went hiking in these.

$25.98 - $149.24

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Harlow Ankle Boot

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Harlow Ankle Boot

outdoorwalking shoe

11 May

I do a lot of walking in my line of work and using the stairs.

26 Apr

They are very easy to walk in

29 Mar

I'm not used to wearing any type of heel and these are so easy to walk in and so comfortable.

22 Mar

I am a school teacher and can walk around in these all day comfortably.

12 Mar

And that was just from trying them on and walking in my bedroom.

31 Jan

They are cute, comfortable and easy to walk in.

31 Jan

I am a teacher and am standing and walking all day.

27 Oct

Although I only walked around my house in them, the fit is great and does not feel like walking on high platform heels at all.

13 Oct

Really comfortable heels, not uneasy to walk in

5 Oct

I have toured cities, walking miles in Dr. Scholl’s platform wedges and can say these shoes are built for comfort.

$28.99 - $42.99

DREAM PAIRS Women's FRE High Heel Chelsea Style Ankle Bootie

DREAM PAIRS Women's FRE High Heel Chelsea Style Ankle Bootie

outdoorwalking shoe

25 Jun

They are make even just leggings and a sweater look so much more put together while feeling like you are walking on a cloud.

6 May

but still comfy and easy to walk in.

2 May

They’re comfortable, easy to walk in and give a great amount of height without feeling like heels.

15 Apr

I took myself out to the desert for a solo camp weekend, and decided to dress up when I explored the first day.

15 Apr

On of the places was Bombay Beach (Salton Sea).

12 Feb

They're easy to wipe off, ive worn them to work as teacher on my feet all day, out walking, and to dress up!

24 Jan

I walk with them all day, they are amazing 👏

13 Dec

The only good thing is that they are very comfortable to walk in.

15 Nov

i can walk so easily in them & even after wearing them all day for work & being on my feet, they didn’t hurt at all!

13 Nov

These are purely for style, if you’re looking to wear these out all day walking around and feel comfortable then look somewhere else (unless you’re used to wearing shoes like this).

$29.95 - $44.95

London Fog Womens Event Heeled Dress Boot

London Fog Womens Event Heeled Dress Boot

outdoorwalking shoe

15 Feb

What I liked about these boots were they were true to size, heal wasn't too big so they were comfortable to walk in and they were stylish.

6 Feb

but very easy to walk in Love them!

12 Jan

I can walk everywhere in them.

5 Jan

They are comfortable for all day wear and walking.

29 Jan

Comfortable walking city blocks.

24 Nov

Feel like I am walking on cloud 9!! !

$34.49 - $59.99

TOP Moda Womens Page-65 Knee High Round Toe Lace-Up Slouched High Heel Boots

TOP Moda Womens Page-65 Knee High Round Toe Lace-Up Slouched High Heel Boots

outdoorwalking shoe

6 Feb

I even walk in the woods in them,

30 Jan

You know I was surprised that the bottom of the boots had a good grip on it so I don't slide as I walk on floors.

30 Jan

Super comfy to walk in at a great price.

26 Jan

I feel sexy wearing them 😍 .not for long walk, though.

16 Jan

I was wondering if my toe doesn't pinch, it's perfect wide enough, and sexy look so comfortable to walk so light.

6 Jan

Very comfortable to walk in too.

16 Dec

The heel is low enough that I can walk comfortably in them all day.

12 Dec

I wore them all day and to the mall, a lot of walking, and my feet did fine, just a little pain, I would imagine when the boots break in I will have no issues at all.

2 Dec

Plus the platform makes them super easy to walk in!

27 Nov

They fit great and are surprisingly really comfortable to walk in!

$34.99 - $39.95

TOP Moda Womens Page-65 Knee High Round Toe Lace-Up Slouched High Heel Boots

TOP Moda Womens Page-65 Knee High Round Toe Lace-Up Slouched High Heel Boots

outdoorwalking shoe

19 May

Comfortable to walk in even on long shifts at work.

13 Apr

Easy to walk in and look "real" not Party City fakies.

2 Mar

comfortable and easy to walk in!

17 Jan

The boot itself has a heel that's comfortable to walk on and it has treads on the bottom so you won't slip.

9 Jan

Beautiful style Easy to wear and walk Good price

1 Jan

They are easy to walk in, comfortable and I can wear everyday for casual look at work or dressing up.

21 Nov

not real high, easy to walk in, w/ a decent amount of cushion.

30 Oct

These Boots are super cute and comfy they do make a jingling sound a bit when i walk

9 Oct

My wife loved theses boots She said they are very comfortable and feel great to walk in.

11 Sep

I thought I would never be able to walk on boots like that again

$48.72 - $202.85

Sorel Women's Emelie Chelsea

Sorel Women's Emelie Chelsea

outdoorwalking shoe

21 May

Cutest rain boots I’ve seen that are also super comfortable to hike around in.

6 May

I walk daily 2+ miles, and these are my go-to shoes!

30 Apr

We’ve been on hikes in the mountains, crystal digging out west and they are my daily work boot and I work in a manufacturing environment.

30 Apr

Legit I only switch out for a pair of Brikenstocks when I’m being lazy at the beach.

25 Mar

They slip on easily and are perfect for walking in urban areas.

5 Mar

Nice tread for walking in winter.

24 Feb

Love these boots extremely comfortable and can walk all day in them!

12 Jan

Great all around boots for working in the yard, going on hikes or dressing up with a sweaters.

2 Jan

My second attempt at finding a comfortable walking boot - and the 2nd time it failed.

12 Dec

I have yet to take it outside for a stroll.

$59.87 - $84.95

Dr. Martens Bonny Chukka Boot

Dr. Martens Bonny Chukka Boot

outdoorwalking shoe

30 Jun

Can wear them to an event, camping or working in the yard.

30 Jun

I really like these they’re very comfortable easy to walk in and very supportive not my first pair of Doc Martens

16 Feb

The sole is a hybrid of the original sole and the newer “hiking boot” style.

23 Jan

They are super comfortable and after some water-proofing spray, they do a pretty decent job trekking through rain and snow.

22 Dec

Perfect for walking routes as a Mail carrier, had this for my other job working at a car dealership too.

22 Dec

Did a lot of walking there as well

4 Nov

but not lomg lasting for daily walking such as if you have a job standing long hours like retail ..then No will make your feet sore as can be but stylish and worth money just not all day foot wear

23 Aug

Excellent light boots for someone like me who walks at least21000 steps 5 or 6 days a week delivering packages 📦!

9 Mar

but terrific for hiking, walking in general, etc.

7 Mar

Wear for work, on my feet most of the day running an auto shop.

$83.97 - $240

Taos Women's Crave Boot

Taos Women's Crave Boot

outdoorwalking shoe

20 May

Walk around for days in them.

3 May

I walk all day, they are incredibly comfortable no breaking in needed.

16 Feb

I can walk forever in these boots, they're super cute and my feet never hurt!

25 Dec

Not too bulky, comfortable for all day wear and walk, warm enough and still great looking.

15 May

I wear them for work, for casual attire, and even for walking my dog.

15 May

I've worn them for up to 3 mile walks with my dogs on grass, pavement, the beach and sidewalk and I never got a blister or hot spot.

15 May

They perform great for running errands on rainy days and do not show any water damage whatsoever.

1 Apr

This boot is super comfortable and I can't wait to go on more hikes now!

3 Mar

Good for casual walking and fits perfectly!

19 Feb

I wore them for travel and after a short walk through an airport, I had HUGE blisters on both of my heals.

$89.9 - $169.95

UGG Women's Neumel Boot

UGG Women's Neumel Boot

outdoorwalking shoe

7 Apr

I’m in love with this purchase they fit perfect and really comfortable to walk .

26 Jan

walking around shoes

20 Jan

I am a dog walker always walking many steps a day, I needed comfort,warmth and the right fit.

18 Jan

but nice for walks on the woods!

18 Oct

I walk my dogs in all weather so need warm shoes that don’t feel like Munster boots!

18 Oct

These will work and are nice and light, so will be easy to walk in and warm!

14 Oct

They are perfectly plush.its like walking on a cloud!

28 Jan

Spray before wearing outdoors!

27 Jan

I like the soft lining as I wear them on cold mornings walking my dog.

30 Dec

The shoes are also super soft and feel like you’re walking on clouds.

$109.95 - $265.99

Blundstone Unisex's Dress Series Chelsea Boot

Blundstone Unisex's Dress Series Chelsea Boot

outdoorwalking shoe

13 Apr

They are perfect for every occasion except running a marathon,

28 Mar

Durable enough to walk around downtown for hours or enjoy an uphill mountain hike.

10 Aug

Really wanted to love the boot, it is perfect for around the barn and hiking.

1 Apr

I have worn them on long walks and everyday, all day long since I received them.

11 Jan

They are boots, so the only real way to test them is to, you know, wear them and walk around.

3 Jan

Also, living in the NW, I am always walking in the rain and cold.

16 Jun

I walk dogs, ride, muck out stalls, and shower off sweaty horses in them; they're comfy enough to wear ALL day in the barn and anywhere else you need to go.

25 Apr

Not the most comfortable for walking around town.

22 Dec

I live in a city where I walk everywhere so a comfortable shoe is very important.

14 Sep

Easy to walk many miles a day in.

$14 - $37.95

Soda Women's Shoes Mug-S Fabric Closed Toe Ankle Fashion Boots

Soda Women's Shoes Mug-S Fabric Closed Toe Ankle Fashion Boots

outdoorwalking shoe

18 Jun

But a week later of wearing them not only can I wear them without switching to my emergency flip flops, I can walk all the way to my car and drive home.

3 Jun

I wear them for 8+hours for work, come home and walk my dog for 15-20 mins in them and my feet have never felt any type of pain.

25 Nov

However, comfortable enough to have withstood walking around during a wedding.

8 Nov

I can just slide across the floor when I'm walking around at home and at work wearing them, it doesn't slide on concrete which is good.

25 Oct

I like them because they have a rubber sole and heel, which makes them comfortable to walk long distances.

31 May

let alone a couple of hours of fun on a date or running errands.

15 Dec

They're true to size and comfortable to walk in.

8 Dec

I was chancing it by wearing new shoes to walk all over NYC,

7 Nov

Some days I’d even walk 10 miles and they did great!

6 Nov

Like walking on clouds ☁️ nothing bad to say about them.

$20.64 - $79.93

Dirty Laundry Women's Lisbon Ankle Boot

Dirty Laundry Women's Lisbon Ankle Boot

outdoorwalking shoe

16 Mar

Comfortable enough to walk around all day in too!

22 Feb

I bought them originally for my birthday and my friends and I had plan to do a lot of walking that day and they were so comfortable.

1 Dec

These boots are made for walking.

2 Nov

Not only do they look like my ideal everyday boot, they feel incredibly comfortable when walking in them.

20 Feb

They are super comfortable to walk in for extended periods of time as well.

10 Oct

They are quiet when you walk due to rubber soles.

19 Sep

Comfortable, stylish and easy to walk in.

27 Aug

I wanted boots I can stand and walk in for long periods of time and these feel like they are perfect for that.

$24.24 - $115.34

Skechers Women's On-The-go Joy-Bundle Up Chukka Boot

Skechers Women's On-The-go Joy-Bundle Up Chukka Boot

outdoorwalking shoe

26 Apr

I got these because I wanted an easy on/easy off ankle boot that was good in rain and comfortable to walk in.

8 Apr

So comfy, they feel like walking on clouds!

3 Apr

but we did TONS of walking in snowy and icy (& muddy snow) conditions, with temps in the teens to thirties and they were so warm and comfy and easy to clean.

7 Mar

I love these for my morning walk.

19 Dec

These boots are like walking on a cloud.

4 Nov

I live in Denver so it was a great option for walking in the winter instead of tennis shoe.

4 Nov

So I purchased this in a size 9 for walking and will wear the other pair just being out and about.

11 Feb

I hAve difficulty walking, I needed something comfoRtable I could walk in and slip resistant, these boots are great!!

11 Feb

They are comfortable and I walk without my feet hurting.

29 Jan

Now she wears them walking the neighborhood pushing her 4 month old daughter in the cold.

$27.99 - $41.99

DREAM PAIRS Women's Casual Fashion Lace Up Low Wedge Heel Booties Shoe

DREAM PAIRS Women's Casual Fashion Lace Up Low Wedge Heel Booties Shoe

outdoorwalking shoe

18 May

Wedge fits like your walking on your heels.

17 Mar

I have normal arch and my feet fit flatly along the sole and arch throughout the shoe - my feet don't slide back and forth while walking and there isn't extra arch support pushing into the arches of my feet.

25 Feb

Quiet cushion sole when walking.

25 Feb

Not difficult to walk in and very comfortable.

23 Feb

It gives me height and is so easy to walk in.

15 Feb

To my surprise they are very easy to walk in.

8 Jan

They are easy to wear and walk in.

30 Dec

Wore them for 6 Hours on my feet and never did they hurt my feet with all the walking I did.

28 Dec

Very easy to walk in.

27 Oct

I can walk for hours in them without any aches or pains.

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