outdoorgolf shoes

$62.92 - $190.61

ECCO Women's Soft 7 Perforated Tie Sneaker

ECCO Women's Soft 7 Perforated Tie Sneaker

outdoorgolf shoe

16 Sep

Favorite golf shoes.

28 Mar

Great for walking.

22 Mar

Such comfortable and cute walking shoes.

8 Feb

Including three pair of golf shoes that he owns.

20 Nov

I have had ECCO golf shoes before and love them,

19 Nov

This is a very comfortable walking shoe.

11 Nov

I wore them many days of a 12 day trip to Europe which included a LOT of walking

7 Oct

They are very comfortable and already put them to test by walking 4-5 miles each day the last few days.

2 Aug

These are comfortable, well-made shoes for walking, I walked in city for hours just fine.

1 Aug

I will buy them again when I walk these down to nothing.

$54.5 - $325.46

ECCO Women's Soft 7 Sneaker

ECCO Women's Soft 7 Sneaker

outdoorgolf shoe

2 Jul

I love ECCO golf shoes so thought I'd try their sneakers.

2 Jun

Everyday walking

29 May

Just came back from NYC and I wore these shoes for three days walking for four to five hours a day.

11 May

These are the most comfortable walking shoes with great arch support.

3 Apr

I particularly like the cushion around the heal and my heal doesn't hurt after walking awhile.

1 Apr

These shoes are comfortable and great for walking.

27 Mar

Very comfortable golf shoes

19 Jan

Best good looking walking shoe!

23 Oct

Fits great and very comfortable for walking.

13 Oct

Was excited to find these golf shoes on Amazon for WAY LESS then anywhere else.

$144.96 - $199

Nike womens Multisport Outdoor

Nike womens Multisport Outdoor

outdoorgolf shoe

20 Mar

I absolutely love running and working out in these!

4 Mar

I teach HIGH fitness so it's great for that kind of cardio workout, running, or weight lifting.

22 Jan

I love this shoe and is my second pair, unfortunately there is a popping that has started the second week after wearing them.🙄 So now it sounds like my hip is popping every time I walk.

17 Oct

I've worn these for working out as well as running errands and very happy with them!

14 Sep

I walk well over the 10,000 daily steps recommended & these shoes off support & comfort.

28 Aug

Although this is is a running shoe and not a shoe designed specifically for Zumba, it really works well.

28 Aug

The Skyeluxe had a better exterior cushion on the bottom and you could wear them without socks for just walking around.

21 Aug

These golf shoes are hot.

10 Jul

I’ve gone on 5 miles walks with them and my feet don’t hurt after.

15 Jun

Im addicted to these running shoes! !