$24.95 - $44.95

PUMA Women's Basket Platform Strap Velvet Rope Wn

PUMA Women's Basket Platform Strap Velvet Rope Wn


21 Jun

I love platform shoes and I love puma!

27 Dec

Puma is a great brand, I love every shoe I buy from them.

28 Nov

Puma is a fantastic brand, the shoes are super comfortable, they’re velvet black (I like that) and these shoes are exactly as described.

3 Oct

Great quality, nice shoe as Puma always puts out.

18 May

I questioned whether these were legit Puma or not & I'm still unsure.

9 Mar

Love Puma.

30 Dec

I love this model of puma and I have a lot of different colors because the price is very good

28 Dec

Love these Puma’s it’s my second pair in the Velvet they look great!

24 Apr

I normally wear 8-8.5 in Puma,

$34.95 - $99.99

PUMA Platform Trace Block

PUMA Platform Trace Block


4 Jun

Cute, vibrant Puma’s.

3 Jun

Puma is my #1 go to sneakers for the same reasons above.

11 Mar

It’s my first time trying Puma shoes.

4 Oct

I like the color, I wanted a more feminine look and found these cool 😎 platform PUMA Sneakers 👟.

30 Sep

Pair them with Puma Fenty leggings or the oversized Fenty Flame top in the exact same colors!!

30 Sep

Puma is a comfort fit sneaker so they are perfect for someone with a wider foot or someone like me who likes breathing room toe/feet planter wise.

20 Sep

Nice looking suede Puma for casual outings and fabulous for skateboarding as well:) Nice fit, comfortable and great looking with my jeans.

23 Aug

Love those puma sneakers!!

9 May

I’m always a size 6.5 in puma shoes and it fits perfectly

$34.99 - $156.91

PUMA Women's Enzo 2 Cross Trainer

PUMA Women's Enzo 2 Cross Trainer


1 Apr

I usually wear Nike this is my first pair of Puma and I could'nt be happier.

1 Apr

I think I will stay with Puma.

22 Mar

I previously bought the Puma Enzo Beta a few months ago and loved them

16 Oct

The puma shoes fit perfectly and very comfortable with the memory foam on the inside and i will be ordering another pair soon.

26 Sep

I have plantar fasciitis and theses puma woman’s soft shoe is the most comfortable shoes I’ve owned

10 Aug

I have worn Puma sneakers for years,

8 Jul

This was my first time purchasing PUMA.

8 Jul

I would definitely purchase PUMA again.

6 Jul

This is my 2nd pair of Puma sneakers.

3 May

I'm a big fan of puma shoes.

$64.95 - $76.48

PUMA Women's Clyde Sneaker

PUMA Women's Clyde Sneaker


18 Jan

My first puma sneakers.

7 Jun

Like all Puma shoes these are great!

30 Apr

I have been loving Puma shoes, so these are perfect for me.

$44.99 - $140.28

PUMA Men's Super Liga Og Sneaker

PUMA Men's Super Liga Og Sneaker


7 Jun

Love my new Puma shoes!! !

26 May

but I also remember a pair of Puma Romas lasting me four or five years, so I decided to give these Super Liga’s a go.

14 Mar

These are puma’s if u kno ur shoes then you’ll like these.

14 Mar

..I have 6 pair of puma these have the latest unique style .

28 Feb

- and now I am happy with my Puma Super LIGAs.

24 Feb

stylish and great price for Puma

8 Oct

Feels and wears just like my other Puma shoes.

2 Jul

I enjoy the puma and the opportunity I have to wear it together with my 💗.

3 Jan

Love Puma

$49.95 - $69.95

PUMA Women's Cali Sneaker

PUMA Women's Cali Sneaker


6 Nov

I can wear puma with thicker sport’s socks and still, my feet feel comfy.

23 Apr

This is my first Puma Sneakers and I love it!

19 Apr

I ordered Puma Cali in Tibetan Red.

6 Aug

I own a wide variety of Puma styles, so I write from the heart!

$89.94 - $174.97

PUMA Safety Velocity WNS Low ASTM SD Safety Shoes Safety Toe Steel Toe Cap Slip Resistant Water Resistant Women

PUMA Safety Velocity WNS Low ASTM SD Safety Shoes Safety Toe Steel Toe Cap Slip Resistant Water Resistant Women


4 Mar

I have the puma tazon 6 (non-safety) sneaker.

13 Dec

but since these are Puma I ordered a 9 1/2.

13 Mar

I love Puma so I tried a Puma work shoe.

17 Dec

This is my second pair of puma safety shoes.

30 Aug

Love puma.

9 May

Finding a safety shoe in my favorite brand puma.

$125.99 - $204.6

PUMA x Selena Gomez Defy Mid Women's Shoe

PUMA x Selena Gomez Defy Mid Women's Shoe


23 Mar

Always happy with Puma purchase.

22 Nov

It does have same fit as the non Selena Gomez Puma mid defy.

5 Feb

This is very comfortable, they're Puma, very proud company.

23 Nov

I’m in love with my SG Puma shoes.

27 Mar

Espectacular Bellos el modelo ,muy lindos Puma se lució con este By Selena Gómez bellas vale lo que pague por ellos 😉

$34.95 - $125.63

PUMA Men's Electron Street Sneaker

PUMA Men's Electron Street Sneaker


16 Mar

but the puma seems way more comfortable to wear.

1 Dec

These are my very first puma shoes ever purchased and I like them very much.

15 Oct

It's perfect I love it very comfortable puma sneaker

9 Apr

This Puma show fit just as described and expected.

7 Jul

Tras realizar la compra de un modelo PUMA color NEGRO, y enviarlo a otro país (mi residencia), luego de casi 1 mes, me doy cuenta que el modelo que me enviaron es totalmente distinto a lo que yo ordene., es otro modelo y de color gris.

$34.99 - $133

PUMA Women's Carina Sneaker

PUMA Women's Carina Sneaker


20 May

Love the all white puma sneaker , I was hesitant to purchase since wasnt sure on sizing

17 May

I have always been a fan of Puma.

17 May

I have other puma slip-ons, and I have always been wearing 8 or 8.5.

3 May

So I ordered a 9.5 USA because the UK, EURO, and centimeter sizes all matched my comfortable sneaker at home, its just that my sneaker at home was an 8.5 USA size, whereas the rest of the measurements match up with the 9.5 Puma shoe.

22 Apr

Puma sneakers were comfortable.

17 Apr

This will be my first and last purchase of the PUMA BRAND.

17 Apr

Love all things PUMA!!

13 Apr

It did not looked like real puma.

11 Apr

Puma Carina's! !

4 Feb

They're on sale for less at puma!

$69.95 - $129.99

PUMA Women's Zenvo Sneaker

PUMA Women's Zenvo Sneaker


10 May

These shoes are by far my favorite so far by Puma!

9 Jan

Puma never fails in comfort!!

20 Nov

Great shoes, Puma is my favorite.

22 Jun

Puma is now my favorite brand!!!

16 May

I was super excited when I ordered these shoes and let me tell ya, PUMA delivered!

18 Apr

Also love puma cause they are so comfortable.

9 Dec

I always get puma tennis and they work amazing for running cardio weight lifting, I just love this brand!! !

19 Sep

I'm so dissatisfied with the amount of wear I got for my $59.99 sneaker, I'm a puma lover this sneakers was so comfortable

$29.74 - $164.84

PUMA Women's Cali Sneaker

PUMA Women's Cali Sneaker


18 Jun

I love puma shoes!

19 Apr

I like Puma,

18 Apr


12 Apr

Fresh kicks true to size and its Quality for me 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Puma never let's me down ❤❤🥰

2 Apr

I’m sad because I love puma.

16 Mar

I love Puma, they are comfortable and look good.

25 Jan

I loved these Puma Cali sneakers.

23 Nov

A year ago I ordered the black Cali pumas with PUMA written in white on the front & back.

20 Sep

I've been on a Puma binge lately, will be ordering more!

2 Sep

I Received My Shoe TODAY So Excited Too Get Them Fits Perfect Love Me Some Puma

$34.95 - $68.69

PUMA Women's Adelina Sneaker

PUMA Women's Adelina Sneaker


18 Jun

I like Puma shoes a lot and was trying to find a slip-on replacement for my old Pumas.

22 Apr

Theses puma are the most comfortable shoes I own and light on my feet.

10 Mar

Nothing beats the comfort and light weight qualities of this Puma.

12 Feb

Very comfortable .. got them for a long flight and it did the job plan to use them for all my travels .. puma is generally a safe & to go brand for me .. works all the time

24 Jan

I've always l I ed puma products

12 Oct

This is a great shoe you can never go wrong with Puma

27 Aug

Another great pair from Puma!

26 Apr

my first puma sneaker, comfy and well cushioned

21 Mar

Good job Puma!

5 Mar

Very like puma shoes.

$37.78 - $123.56

PUMA Women's Vikky Sneaker

PUMA Women's Vikky Sneaker


23 Apr

I have a picture of it next to my black ones that I purchased at a store and they’re the same Puma Vikky style sneakers.

31 Jan

Thx Puma

7 Nov

A buy all my sneakers from the Puma brand.

7 Nov

but this particular pair were just somehow too tight, but I got another pair of Puma sneakers and they are just fine.

28 Oct

I am a Puma fan!

7 Jul

I'm very happy with this Puma.

4 May

I'm a big fan of Puma sneakers so these didn't disappoint.

29 Feb

Fits perfect, super comfy, and really is puma brand.

30 Oct

Puma is my favorite shoe.

27 Oct

Puma quality product

$24.95 - $146.59

PUMA Unisex-Adult Smash V2 Sneaker

PUMA Unisex-Adult Smash V2 Sneaker


6 Jun

Love Puma suedes!

5 Jun

Great addition to my Puma collection.

24 May

I like the Puma Smash style.

14 Apr

These Puma sneakers are so comfortable, Walt “Clyde Frazier would be proud to put his name on them!

1 Mar

as long as there from a reputable source puma/adidas r done of the best shoes I’ve owned.

10 Feb

The look of the shoe is clean and classic looking, with the slate blue Puma stripe complimenting the darker blue of the rest of the shoe.

24 Dec

I contacted Puma to purchase a pair of replacement insoles and they do not carry them and referred me to the seller which is Amazon.

14 Dec

comfortable PUMA Men's Smash 2 Sneaker

11 Sep

I love Puma Sneakers not just because they look really cool, and they do look really cool by the way,

11 Sep

but because they are really comfortable and also Puma tends to run a tad bit wider than most other big name brands, and since i have slightly wider feet Puma always fits me just right

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