outdoorbeach shoes

$14.95 - $52.83

Flojos Women's Fiesta Flat

Flojos Women's Fiesta Flat


20 Jun

maybe or until someone walks away with them or you lose one.

5 Jun

my feet are kind of wide and flat, yet walking in these flip flops are very comfortable.

25 May

That being said, they are super comfortable; the reason I ordered them for my beach vacation.

10 Nov

Love the brand of the flip flops and they fee like you are walking on a cloud.

8 Aug

Good for waking around and looks and feels better than the rubber flip flops.

25 Jul

Plus I like how the bottoms have traction if you are walking on wet floors.

21 Jul

Perfect for a river day or to wear to dinner with jeans!

7 Jul

They help keep my knees from aching if I wear them for multiple hours with light walking.

6 Jul

They so comfortable that I can wear and walk with them all day.

2 Jun

I can walk in them all day and not feel my feet ache from the straps.

$26.25 - $34.95

Crocs Women's Flats | Slip Resistant Work Shoes Ballet

Crocs Women's Flats | Slip Resistant Work Shoes Ballet


22 Jun

I also have to walk carefully/slowly at work with these shoes. .

4 Jun

It was like walking on a gym mat all day.

15 May

Best nurse shoes ever for work and walking!

14 May

I love the grip which enables me to walk fast in between buildings (IT TECH) I am already looking for another style to buy!

27 Mar

They’re delicate looking, have arch support, a cushioned footbed and allow my feet to breathe enough that I can walk in them all day.

27 Mar

I stand and walk a lot for work, mostly on cement flooring and my feet are not miserable by the end of the day.

18 Jan

I was really excited when I started testing them out by walking around the house and I didn't feel pain anywhere.

1 Sep

They are washable and perfect for outdoor play or gardening.

10 Aug

I tried these on after a long day of work and my feet felt like they were walking on a cloud!

18 Jul

The best flats for everyday at home, going to the pool or beach, very very comfortable

$28.25 - $49.99

Crocs Women's Kadee Flats

Crocs Women's Kadee Flats


19 Jun

To the beach, church, grocery store.

18 May

I also garden in them, run errands in them, and wear them for walks.

25 Apr

They are great for slipping on and walking my dogs.

24 Apr

My foot comes up when I walk.

11 Apr

Perfect for running around on rainy days here in Hawaii.

1 Apr

Feels like walking on pillows.

23 Mar

I'm a teacher so I'm running around all day checking on kids.

23 Mar

I need shoes that I can walk around in easily that look professional.

18 Mar

It's like walking on cushions.

18 Mar

Also walking in them

$29.09 - $55.18

Roxy Womens Bayshore Casual Shoe - Multi

Roxy Womens Bayshore Casual Shoe - Multi


6 Apr

walking around in them feels so natural, as if i'm not wearing anything.

5 Apr

Great errand running footwear.

27 Mar

These are okay for just running around town to get groceries or something

5 Feb

I plan to wear them on vacation for walking around site seeing so hopefully they hold up and don’t cause blisters.

21 Jan

Don’t wear them to go hiking, as you can feel the ground.

21 Jan

But great for everyday running around town shoes.

12 Dec

They're really comfortable and, this seems strange to say, even fun to walk in.

21 Nov

I'm a mother of a very energetic toddler so running after him is comfy with these.

19 Nov

It’s like walking with my slippers on.

3 Nov

Such a comfortable pair of shoes-great for a casual day running errands!

$26.24 - $53.79

Crocs Women's Kadee Slingback Flat | Women's Flats | Comfortable Work Shoes

Crocs Women's Kadee Slingback Flat | Women's Flats | Comfortable Work Shoes


13 Oct

Cushion to walk on too.

27 Jul

They go well with shorts and sundresses, on the boat, biking, walking etc.

26 Jul

Easy to walk in every day and discreet enough to get away with at work.

15 Jul

Crocs have always been comfortable and I've bought them many times , this slingback flat is one of the best , for me , because the slip ons tend to come off of my foot sometimes when I am walking , these do not as they are held firmly onto the foot and are easy to walk and run in !

4 Jun

They are like walking on air.

20 May

Feels like I’m walking on air

15 May

These have been my go to when on 8th grade field trips to DC and amusement park walking.

9 Feb

Easy to walk on the beach and they clean up easily

1 Oct

I now use these as my house shoes, in place of slippers, and keep them by my bed to slip on as I walk around.

21 Jul

These are comfortable for short walks or for chores around the house.


Crocs Women's Isabella Jelly Flat

Crocs Women's Isabella Jelly Flat


20 Apr

Super comfortable shoes that you can walk for miles and miles in!

14 Jan

Great to go to the beach.

13 Dec

They are very comfy and useful in summer time. You can use it if it rains or at the beach without worrying if they get wet or sandy and still look stylish ;)

6 Jun

I walked close to 1.5 miles around town running errands and did not get one blister.

21 May

They're comfortable, they don't rub anywhere, and have gone on several 1-mile walks in them.

13 Sep

So far, I've taken them on two vacations (Toronto and Maui) and wear these almost every day (I walk ~3-4 miles a day).

8 Jun

Because that cousin catches all the shock of walking on these hard floors or the concrete of the school yard.

8 Jun

They work for running out.

12 May

They are perfect for the beach, the pool, and also go well with sun dresses for evenings out and sight seeing.