outdoorsporty shoes

$65.33 - $164.95

Alegria Women's Paloma Flat

Alegria Women's Paloma Flat

outdoorsporty shoe

21 Jun

These shoes actually have helped me to walk better (without a limp).

15 Jun

Walk all day for 8 hours.

4 Jun

In 2007 I had to get an AFO on my right leg in order to stand and walk with a cane.

1 May

Fit perfect, are comfortable all day at work(12 hours standing and walking)

5 Mar

I walk 4-5 miles/day this shoe does it all.

5 Mar

This shoe takes the pressure off of your hips and knees and lets you walk effortlessly.

5 Mar

My walk buddies noticed how much faster I walk when I wear these.

8 Feb

You can walk forever in them.

1 Sep

These Alegria Paloma shoes took all my pains away and I am walking without a limp.

12 Jul

Work, I own several pairs, great if you have feet issues or if you stand or walk for several hours..

$79.95 - $154.99

Merrell womens Barrado

Merrell womens Barrado

outdoorsporty shoe

28 Apr

Ideal for walks and fitness classes.

24 Sep

I really couldn't expect more; next best thing to walking barefoot which is what I want.

24 Aug

They are so comfortable and easy to walk in.

10 Aug

Best shoes I've ever worn for a lot of walking at work (waitress).

3 Aug

When they first came out with these years ago – 2008 I think, I was looking for a nice looking walking shoe that was an alternative to ugly sneakers.

13 Jul

Use exclusively for cycling.

2 Jul

I can walk around all day with it.

3 Mar

One of my favorite shoes for walking!

21 Feb

I travel and walk a lot and my feet never get hot in these shoes and they have great support.

21 Feb

Also, I try to travel light and these not big and clunky running shoes so look fine with slacks going to a nicer restaurant.