outdoortennis shoes

$47.06 - $106.5

Skechers Women's Bikers -Fiesta Mary Jane Flat

Skechers Women's Bikers -Fiesta Mary Jane Flat

outdoortennis shoe

23 Apr

Very comfortable to walk in.

28 Mar

Ezekiel and I walk for miles, and these shoes do not wear out.

27 Mar

Good for walking around at work

16 Feb

Perfect for walking in all day.

17 Jan

I keep a pair of Skechers walking shoes on hand at all times for the comfort.

25 Jun

Comfortable, true to size ,good quality, attractive,multi-functiobal, straps are adjustable and comfy, great for walking, riding bike, good with an attire, fast shipping

25 May

The ones I got before were from the store and was like walking on a pillow cloud,

17 Feb

The next day I wore my older Skecher's sneakers and had no issue hiking up mountains for hours!

5 Feb

I work in a huge building and walk about 7 miles a day at work.

30 Jan

it's like walking on a cloud and they are casual chic!

$28.25 - $49.99

Crocs Women's Kadee Flats

Crocs Women's Kadee Flats

outdoortennis shoe

19 Jun

To the beach, church, grocery store.

18 May

I also garden in them, run errands in them, and wear them for walks.

25 Apr

They are great for slipping on and walking my dogs.

24 Apr

My foot comes up when I walk.

11 Apr

Perfect for running around on rainy days here in Hawaii.

1 Apr

Feels like walking on pillows.

23 Mar

I'm a teacher so I'm running around all day checking on kids.

23 Mar

I need shoes that I can walk around in easily that look professional.

18 Mar

It's like walking on cushions.

18 Mar

Also walking in them

$56.54 - $96

ILSE JACOBSEN Women's Tulip 139 Flat

ILSE JACOBSEN Women's Tulip 139 Flat

outdoortennis shoe

7 May

I love the shoes and the fit now , and suggest that the reviews about the shoes running small are a result of the high profile insoles.

4 May

Use for walking

1 Apr

Most casual walking shoe.and looks good also.

29 Mar

This is a great shoe for everything except taking long walks in.

29 Mar

but will not take the place of a sturdy walking shoe.

29 Mar

Fine for a short dog walk.

15 Mar

but there is enough that my high arches do not hurt after walking a lot in them, so the support is good enough.

29 Oct

I feel like I’ll step out of them when walking.

1 Oct

These shoes are like walking on clouds.

21 Sep

Beach walking Comfort Summer cool shoe

$69.99 - $79.99

Hot Chocolate Design Chocolaticas Vintage Canvas Women's Mary Jane Flat Shoes

Hot Chocolate Design Chocolaticas Vintage Canvas Women's Mary Jane Flat Shoes

outdoortennis shoe

17 Mar

but they will be cute to wear when I go out with not much walking around like a store, or events.

20 Jan

I totally love my new shoes they’re the ones with cherries on them everything feels great on them I feel like a little girl running around in them.

17 Sep

but very comfortable to walk in wish I could get other colors in size 11

12 Sep

My feet hurt the next day if there's a lot of walking.

9 Feb

They cost as much as a shoe made for hiking or all day support.

19 Dec

I can wear them all day and feel like I’ve been running around barefoot.

20 Aug

The first day I wore them, I went on a tour of a building for work, which was a bit of walking.

24 May

I love walking in them and can enjoy walking in them for many hours and not feel tired in them.

16 Apr

The material is breathable and perfect for walking.

25 Mar

I am newly diabetic, & was looking for a cute safe shoe for every day use & a lot of walking.

$43.2 - $109.46

Skechers Women's Seager - Power Hitter

Skechers Women's Seager - Power Hitter

outdoortennis shoe

7 Jun

Comfortable walking shoe.

1 Jun

if I put moleskin inside and wear blister protectors I can walk for hours.

21 May

They were out of the box super comfortable and I've used on them on several long walks so far.

21 May

They're cute and light on my feet and yet sturdy enough for me to use them on 4-5 mile walks.

15 Jan

These shoes are just as comfortable and cushioned as a walking sneaker,

14 Jan

but dressy enough to be able to walk a bit.

21 Dec

Very comfortable and easy walking.

16 Dec

I can’t wear these for more than 3/4 of a mile walking.

16 Dec

These were purchased because comfortable walking was specified in the description.

15 Sep

These Sketchers are terrific, as I expected from Sketchers.. the little lacy finish is classy; look great, feel like I could walk in them all day!

$48.97 - $73.14

Jambu Women's Cherry Blossom Mary Jane Flat

Jambu Women's Cherry Blossom Mary Jane Flat

outdoortennis shoe

13 Dec

I always suggest walking around the house in them for 15 minutes or so at a time and then they form to your foot and fit great.

10 Sep

These shoes are so comfortable right out of the box and you can walk all day in them.

19 Aug

This pair of mary-jane is quickly becoming one of my favorites for casual outings that require lots of walking.

19 Aug

but the fit is good as such I didn't feel any discomfort wearing it for long walks on the first day out.

19 Aug

But because of the good quality leather used for this, I expect this pair will last me years of walking in it.

12 Aug

I love their look and will be wearing them for walking as well as just for everyday.

9 Jul

Comfortable walking sneakers that still looked cute with a dress.

7 Jun

The style is perfect for me and very comfortable as I had bought a pair at a store in Daytona Beach about 5 months ago.

8 Apr

but was able to walk for 8 hrs straight with no discomfort .

2 Mar

these shoes are really cute and have a great support for taking longer walks.

$24.3 - $82.55

Propét Women's TravelActiv Mary Jane Flat

Propét Women's TravelActiv Mary Jane Flat

outdoortennis shoe

20 Jun

Comfortable walking shoes.

11 May

They are lovely, light, same fabric as the running shoes;

3 Feb

Breathes well and comfortable to walk in.

27 Dec

Walk and wark every day

7 Aug

These shoes are great, I can walk miles in them.

4 Aug

I can walk long distances in these shoes.

22 Jul

but they were great for walking while on vacation.

21 Jun

You walk like on cloud.

16 Apr

They look nice with a dress and are comfortable for walking,

8 Apr

Comfortable walking shoe .

$35.96 - $133

Skechers Women's Reggae Fest Willows Flat

Skechers Women's Reggae Fest Willows Flat

outdoortennis shoe

20 Jun

I have sketchers go walk in every color.

19 Jun

Very comfortable for walking.

16 Jun

I've gotten used to them now with just walking around the house with them flopping.

16 Jun

Like that shoes are comfortable to walk in

15 Jun

This is a very comfortable and supportive walking shoe.

15 Jun

I would recommend this shoe to anyone who enjoys walking.

9 Jun

These are very comfortable walking shoes with good support.

30 May

I keep searching for my old Skechers..or a new and improved “Go Walk 3”.

19 May

So comfortable you can walk all day!

4 May

I love the way these shoes fit and I walk in them.