$28.25 - $49.99

Crocs Women's Kadee Flats

Crocs Women's Kadee Flats


11 Apr

Perfect for running around on rainy days here in Hawaii.

23 Mar

I'm a teacher so I'm running around all day checking on kids.

20 Jul

I orginally bought these to wear in the garden or when running small errands.

1 Jul

So much functionality with this shoes because they are also the only pair of shoes that stay right by my front door for running out to the mailbox, watering the plants and flowers outside, going on errands, and also super comfortable for just taking long walks around the neighborhood.

10 Jun

Cute for running around and feel comfortable.

26 Nov

I wear them to work, running errands, walks and during the summer - in the ocean.

24 Sep

I walked around all morning shopping, running to car in rain, with no problems or pain.

5 Sep

Great slip on shoe for running errands or knocking around the house.

$29.09 - $55.18

Roxy Womens Bayshore Casual Shoe - Multi

Roxy Womens Bayshore Casual Shoe - Multi


5 Apr

Great errand running footwear.

27 Mar

These are okay for just running around town to get groceries or something

21 Jan

But great for everyday running around town shoes.

21 Nov

I'm a mother of a very energetic toddler so running after him is comfy with these.

3 Nov

Such a comfortable pair of shoes-great for a casual day running errands!

6 Sep

but they are good for running around.

2 Jul

but fine for hanging out at home or running errands.

6 May

Super comfy and perfect for everyday running around!

17 Aug

I wear a 7.5 dress shoe, 8 sandal/slide, and an 8.5 running shoe.

12 Mar

They flex with your foot, making walking, running comfortable.


dexflex Comfort Women's Claire Scrunch Flat

dexflex Comfort Women's Claire Scrunch Flat


28 Mar

I stand and walk a lot at work and I never think about my feet while I’m busy running around because these shoes are so comfy.

13 Mar

but comfortable enough to wear all day running errands too.

27 Jul

These are my second pairs in a year..A year back bought them with different color(nude) and they are still running around.

4 Jan

but still look nice enough to wear in an office. These shoes were amazing for making my feet comfortable and also hugging my foot so I can speed walk (or jog!)

$39.91 - $125.63

BZees Women's Niche Ballet Flat

BZees Women's Niche Ballet Flat


24 May

Basic every-day wear for running errands and visiting family.

3 Aug

I can walk in them without heel pain as if I was wearing a pair of running shoes.

30 Aug

Very comfortable and I like the pink, perfect for running around in a casual white sun dress or cut offs.


CZZPTC Women's Ballet Flats

CZZPTC Women's Ballet Flats


4 Sep

*With* the Flat Socks inserts, these are nearly perfect for everyday running around.

7 Aug

What an amazing pair, super soft, very stretchy & comfortable, I really love everything about them, they are perfect for looooooong days at work running around.

7 Aug

This style of shoe is perfect for casual dress-up or for running errands in yoga pants or jeans.

$16.43 - $74.99

Lucky Brand Women's Emmie Ballet Flat

Lucky Brand Women's Emmie Ballet Flat


13 Mar

Good for around the house, running errands.

30 Jun

Even just running errands I end up in pain and left with a scab that has to heal before I can try breaking them in again.

1 Apr

I’m a teacher and have found these flats to be perfect for running around school all day!

$59 - $99

Jambu Women's Bridget Flat

Jambu Women's Bridget Flat


27 Sep

I have the worst runners feet ever.

22 Aug

I wore these for 5 hours around San Francisco the day after I got them and hey worked as well as my running shoes would have.

31 May

Have worn these for some long walks and all day general running around and they stay very comfortable and secure.

$29.95 - $109

Skechers Women's Cleo Bewitch Ballet Flat

Skechers Women's Cleo Bewitch Ballet Flat


20 May

I wouldn’t run a marathon in them,

11 Sep

I only wear walking or running shoes from sketchers

14 Aug

I’m running around a parking lot and business all day in 100 degree heat so it’s nice that they breathe a little since I go bare foot in them.

19 Jul

Very cute for work and running errands.

29 Apr

I get foot cramps when flats are "too flat" I have the in two colors and like them a lot and will wear them while running short errands.

23 Sep

I am so thrilled because these are comfortable and function for dressier work outfits, as well as a more casual shoe for running errands.


Airwalk Women's Flurry Moc

Airwalk Women's Flurry Moc


22 Feb

Great house shoe, slipper or even running errands.

14 Feb

Great house slippers or just running errands.

19 Mar

I keep buying as they wear (I do wear them running errands and have a second pair for just in the house).

23 Feb

I feel I can wear these inside the house or running errands.

22 Feb

I wear them around the house and while running errands.

$35.96 - $133

Skechers Women's Reggae Fest Willows Flat

Skechers Women's Reggae Fest Willows Flat


3 May

I guess they would be okay for jogging or light exercise

24 Jul

These have the fit and comfort of running shoes, and they're good-looking too!

20 Jun

I love these shoes, I can wear them to work and out running around.

19 Apr

alittle more elevated look than just running shoes for walking days.

5 Nov

Wheather you're running errands or wearing it with slacks.

$40.1 - $50

Chooka Women's Waterproof Ballet Flat

Chooka Women's Waterproof Ballet Flat


19 Jul

They are easy to slip on with or without socks (they are surprisingly breathable) for a quick walk with the dog or running to the store.

28 Nov

but for running out when pavement is wet.)

23 Feb

okay for running to the mailbox.