outdoorsporty shoes

$43.59 - $165

Onitsuka Tiger Women's Mexico 66 Shoes 1182A007

Onitsuka Tiger Women's Mexico 66 Shoes 1182A007

outdoorsporty shoe

22 Apr

Bought for walking through Italy.

11 Apr

super light weight, tread is good for gripping your walk, super comfortable, fit perfect.

11 Apr

well designed for running.

23 Jan

They fit amazing and were nice and snug to make it not only just a good running shoe,

22 Dec

Very comfortable for walking and non-active wear alike.

17 Oct

Not a top choice for long walks, these are casual wearabouts.

13 Aug

After walking around in them for a little while, I can honestly say these are my favorite sneakers to date.

8 May

This brand has been super popular in Japan, for almost 70 years, since 1953, when a marathon runner worked with the brand to perfect a pair of good long distance shoes.

8 May

On that note, I would NOT SAY these are running shoes, or even hiking or walking.

22 Feb

Extremely comfortable love the color good walk in all day