outdoortennis shoes

$10 - $84.49

Blowfish Malibu Women's Play Sneaker

Blowfish Malibu Women's Play Sneaker

outdoortennis shoe

3 Jun

They are very comfortable to walk around in.

30 May

Great for walking

27 May

Wore to walk around zoo for several hours and my feet felt fine afterwards

24 May

but perfect for walking.

19 May

Easy to slip on and they stay on my feet when I walk.

17 May

They are great for kicking around and running errands.

11 May

I teach preschool and am running around on my feet all day and have no issues wearing them for work.

10 May

but are very slippery to walk in.

6 May

Cute and very comfortable walking shoes

25 Apr

They are very comfortable (even if you walk a bunch).

$26.44 - $121.24

Clarks Women's Sharon Crystal Oxford

Clarks Women's Sharon Crystal Oxford

outdoortennis shoe

9 Apr

If you need a shoe you can walk around in, these are the perfect fit!

8 Apr

They are very lightweight and the sole is not rigid, so you can walk comfortably.

4 Feb

I love wearing Clark shoes because of its softness and comfortable for walking, which is suitable to my line of work.

4 Feb

although they are still comfortable for walking.

27 Aug

I can walk on them all-day long.

15 Aug

These are as good as a walking shoe for a walk of at least a couple of miles.

7 Jun

It is comfortable to wear and easy to walk in since first day.

23 Feb

Can walk in these all day and feel good.

23 Dec

As a teacher, I walk a lot.

14 Nov

Olus, i takecthr bus and walk ALOT.

$34.95 - $64

Keds Women's Craze Ii Leather Fashion Sneaker

Keds Women's Craze Ii Leather Fashion Sneaker

outdoortennis shoe

4 Dec

Great fit, and my feet never hurt from the 8+ hours I’d walk daily plus they are water proof.

18 Nov

First of all, Keds have always been my pick for walking shoes and fun.

18 Nov

I walk a stone three mile track daily.

12 Dec

Leather looks good and wears well, plenty of support and comfort while running errands.

26 Nov

So, the fact that I can walk in them a lot and not feel pain in my arches is fantastic.

7 Sep

but for 5+ miles of walking a day, they are perfect.

14 Aug

Got these specifically for a vacation I knew I’d be walking a lot and they were great!

8 Aug

Very comfortable for everyday wear especially if you don't want to wear bulky walking shoes.

13 Jul

but once I stared to walk around for a bit they didn’t feel right.

8 Jul

Very heavy when walking.


Easy Spirit AP1 Sport Walking Shoe

Easy Spirit AP1 Sport Walking Shoe

outdoortennis shoe

25 Jun

Helps me walk better.

6 Apr

I enjoy these walking shoes because they are all black and don’t look too much like a tennis shoe.

1 Apr

Love these shoes..They are soft to the touch and very flexible for walking.

21 Mar

I also ordered the denium AP2 Womens Oxford Easy Spirit walking shoes & they fit - they are comfortable & I like the ti-dye color.

24 Feb

I walk at least 4 miles a day around our hilly block.

18 Jan

Cushioned walking.

18 Jan

I never wear real shoes only flip flops so these are an easy alternative for my walks.

18 Jan

It is for moderate walking and has nice support.

18 Jan

but good for those occasional walks.

24 Oct

They are good walking and biking shoes.

$57.69 - $191.75

Arcopedico LS Knit Lace Up Shoe

Arcopedico LS Knit Lace Up Shoe

outdoortennis shoe

11 Jun

I show my dog in AKC Companion dog events so need a shoe I feel secure in especially if running.

28 May

I've never had this many shoes in so many colors, and so comfortable I can wear them on walks and not have to change into sneakers.

25 Mar

I wore these for a long walk and the bottom of my feet hurt1.7 miles.

8 Feb

I walk several miles a day and these are the MOST COMFORTABLE shoes I ever owned.

6 Feb

They are comfortable for long walks and for lounging around the house.

5 Nov

They are comfortable to walk on’

16 Sep

I walk a lot and these are light, flexable and perfect for walking.

14 Sep

I found this brand about 2 years ago and they are the most comfortable shoe for walking!!

23 Jan

Stylish walking shoe for travel.

11 Jan

Incredibly comfortable shoes - even when walking on rocky streets.

$65 - $169.15

Clarks Women's Padmora Oxford

Clarks Women's Padmora Oxford

outdoortennis shoe

17 Feb

The description says, "Genuine plantation crepe outsole gives you a pleasurable walking experience. "

17 Feb

but it's so soft it's a dream to walk on.

12 Jul

They are so short in the back your foot pops out every time you walk.

29 Jan

Feels like I’m walking on air.

26 Nov

but actually makes it more comfortable to walk long distances because the back doesn't rub against the heel.

19 Nov

The leather is more like what I associate with boating shoes -- stiff

21 Feb

I wore them on my trip to NYC where I was walking several miles a day and they did great.

25 Jan

Wear almost everyday, great for walking around university.

8 Jan

I do a lot of walking and standing at work.

11 Dec

Feels like walking on air.