outdoorwalking shoes

$24.41 - $122.55

Propét Women's TravelActiv Slip-on Sneaker

Propét Women's TravelActiv Slip-on Sneaker

outdoorwalking shoe

6 May

Used foe walking.

24 Mar

I don't know where shoe manufacturer s for the idea that a soft flexible sole is good for walking.

24 Feb

but won't be wearing them on long walks.

9 Jan

I have lots of issues with my feet (left ankle replacement and bad right knee) and the Propet is great and really comfortable for everyday walking.

24 Aug

My orthodic fits well in the shoe and walk in them about 3 miles each day.

4 Nov

I haven't worn them shopping or any long walks

19 Aug

Overall a cute travel walking shoe

5 Aug

I can walk around in them all summer without noticing the shoe.

29 Jun

Bought for walking.

22 Dec

When I walk I like my shoes to feel light & comfortable.

$24.95 - $103.57

Keds Women's Courty Core Canvas Sneaker

Keds Women's Courty Core Canvas Sneaker

outdoorwalking shoe

17 Feb

Great walking shoe's.

12 Aug

I love that this shoe is very comfortable that you can walk all day with them.

7 Jun

Very breathable for the summer and comfortable for walking.

10 Feb

And I can walk all day in comfort.

15 Jan

Says they are comfortable to walk around in.

12 Oct

I'd never had this problem with Keds even when I was traveling abroad and walking all day everyday.

$26.44 - $121.24

Clarks Women's Sharon Crystal Oxford

Clarks Women's Sharon Crystal Oxford

outdoorwalking shoe

9 Apr

If you need a shoe you can walk around in, these are the perfect fit!

8 Apr

They are very lightweight and the sole is not rigid, so you can walk comfortably.

4 Feb

I love wearing Clark shoes because of its softness and comfortable for walking, which is suitable to my line of work.

4 Feb

although they are still comfortable for walking.

27 Aug

I can walk on them all-day long.

15 Aug

These are as good as a walking shoe for a walk of at least a couple of miles.

7 Jun

It is comfortable to wear and easy to walk in since first day.

23 Feb

Can walk in these all day and feel good.

23 Dec

As a teacher, I walk a lot.

14 Nov

Olus, i takecthr bus and walk ALOT.

$33.16 - $94.21

Clarks Women's Raisie Bloom Oxford

Clarks Women's Raisie Bloom Oxford

outdoorwalking shoe

8 May

I walk on concrete floors and these shoes are perfect.

21 Apr

however on both pair they bulge as you walk.

21 Apr

but overall they are comfortable all day even during the walking part of my commute abs a good price so I would buy again for sure !! !

17 Apr

I wear them to work every day and they're comfortable to walk around in.

17 Apr

but while sitting or walking around they don't bother me at all.

12 Apr

These will probably get a lot of wear based on how great they look and how comfortable they are to walk in.

12 Apr

The leather feels like it’s forming to my foot and the foot bed has a nice give to it so it doesn’t hurt to walk in these at all.

1 Feb

these are exactly what i was seeking: comfortable walking shoe that looks nice and not old-ladyish!

17 Nov

I wear them all day and it's like I'm walking on a cloud.

6 Nov

I walk a lot and am on my feet 4 to 5 hours a day.

$24.99 - $249.09

Aravon Women's Revsmart Oxford

Aravon Women's Revsmart Oxford

outdoorwalking shoe

31 Dec

I have major issues with my feet as I walk 20,000 steps per shift on concrete floors.

14 Oct

SO comfortable for walking a lot at work Like the vintage look

10 Nov

They look a little less dorky than regular New Balance walking shoes as well.

23 Oct

I can only wear good quality walking shoes, so I wear these to work with dress pants.

12 Jan

have the black and also tan in this same shoe (wearing them today even), and they are super comfortable, look good, great for walking, nice for wearing with slacks.

$38.54 - $127.55

TOMS Women's Monica Slingback Wedge Sandal

TOMS Women's Monica Slingback Wedge Sandal

outdoorwalking shoe

25 Aug

I love how they feel once theyre on and they are easy to walk in.

29 Sep

Very stylish..good to walk in.

22 Sep

They are easy to walk in too.

25 Aug

Fit perfectly and are super comfortable to walk around in!

8 Jul

Great fit, comfy to walk in.

5 Jul

They are comfortable enough to wear for walking, standing and wearing long periods.

1 Jul

I have worn it for up to 5 hours walking around in Miami and my feet did not hurt.

11 Jul

The fit was perfect and they would have been comfortable to walk on.

18 May

Super cute, manageable heel for walking (I’m used to heels though) and they have a soft footbed.

4 May

I can see myself walking all day in these without any pain.

$48.74 - $167.69

Eastland Women's Sadie Oxford

Eastland Women's Sadie Oxford

outdoorwalking shoe

29 Sep

They are fairly comfortable considering how cute they are and how much I walk.

12 Aug

Make Oxfords Like Walking/Running Sneakers Inside.

28 Feb

I am a high school teacher and on my feet and walking quite a bit throughout the day.

28 Feb

The sole is super comfortable to walk in all day and I was happy to find I had no blisters from the shoes rubbing on my heel the first day.

18 Oct

I found they were really comfortable walking fairly long distances, even before breaking them in.

17 Sep

I did try that and I didn’t mind the feel when walking,

17 Jul

I wore them to work wear i have to stand & walk all day & they were just fine.

28 Jan

The real leather is flexible and out the gate I was walking extensively - NO BLISTERS!!

28 Jan

Of course, that means in normal wear, you don't slip on sleek surfaces or sound like a heard of elephants walking down a marble hallway!

8 Oct

I purchased these shoes to use as a daily commuter shoe for my walk from home to the bus, to the ferry and the office.

$27.99 - $28.99

YING LAN Women's Platform Lace-Up Wingtips Square Toe Oxfords Shoe

YING LAN Women's Platform Lace-Up Wingtips Square Toe Oxfords Shoe

outdoorwalking shoe

23 Feb

Very comfortable walking around the golf course for a tournament!

4 Jul

Super comfortable and can walk all around all Day in them with no problem, they might be even more comfortable than regular shoes because there’s so much extra cushion between your feet and the ground.

23 Aug

Very nice shoes and very comfortable for walking.

26 Apr

They are very comfortable for walking.

30 Jan

I love these shoes are very comfortable for walking

$29.95 - $100.94

Skechers Women's Reggae Fest - Neap

Skechers Women's Reggae Fest - Neap

outdoorwalking shoe

12 Jun

I can walk all day with comfort.

11 Jun

Great shoe.. Great for walks.

11 Jun

These shoes are comfortable & great for walking.

10 Jun

Even give some support which is nice when I’m walking my dog.

1 Jun

Cute shoes I bought to wear on boardwalk days on an upcoming vacation.

7 Apr

I was definitely looking for support and comfortable b it I'm overweight and I like to walk sometimes

4 Nov

I walk them to death!

28 Oct

These are great for a quick slip on to run an errand or take the dog for a walk. Comfortable.

18 Sep

I’ve worn them on two river tubing excursions so far are they are super supportive, protective and do not fall off.

10 Sep

Perfect water shoes for the beach

$43.96 - $65.89

Skechers Women's Parties-Mate Oxford Shoes

Skechers Women's Parties-Mate Oxford Shoes

outdoorwalking shoe

29 Apr

Great for work or a hike.

11 Feb

They are good for all the standing and walking.

16 Jan

I get the leather working shoes, the more dressed up looking shoes, and also the walking shoes.

2 Mar

I get the "Go Walk" shoes too.

16 Feb

These shoes are comfortable & give me confidence & stability to walk the parking lot in snow.

9 Jan

They are good quality, comfy and work great for small hikes, walking any distance (like going shopping) and look outdoors-ey when wearing jeans.

5 Jan

Great work shoe..good outdoor winter blue jean shoe.

20 Dec

I wear these for work, walking on cement most of my 8hr shift.

8 Dec

Very comfortable and a great show to walk all day in.

24 Nov

though for winter walking.

$57.69 - $191.75

Arcopedico LS Knit Lace Up Shoe

Arcopedico LS Knit Lace Up Shoe

outdoorwalking shoe

11 Jun

I show my dog in AKC Companion dog events so need a shoe I feel secure in especially if running.

28 May

I've never had this many shoes in so many colors, and so comfortable I can wear them on walks and not have to change into sneakers.

25 Mar

I wore these for a long walk and the bottom of my feet hurt1.7 miles.

8 Feb

I walk several miles a day and these are the MOST COMFORTABLE shoes I ever owned.

6 Feb

They are comfortable for long walks and for lounging around the house.

5 Nov

They are comfortable to walk on’

16 Sep

I walk a lot and these are light, flexable and perfect for walking.

14 Sep

I found this brand about 2 years ago and they are the most comfortable shoe for walking!!

23 Jan

Stylish walking shoe for travel.

11 Jan

Incredibly comfortable shoes - even when walking on rocky streets.

$24.75 - $92.84

Jambu Women's Tangerine Oxford Flat

Jambu Women's Tangerine Oxford Flat

outdoorwalking shoe

4 Sep

Great walking shoe, nice and roomy, with arch support.

28 Aug

Walking shoes for a trip.

17 Aug

I suffer from Plantar Fasciitis often and these shoes are great for walking with no pain!

2 Apr

I gave been able to wear them all day walking with minimal friction.

29 Mar

Bought these because I was looking for a comfortable cute walking shoe.

13 Mar

It's such a pretty shoe, yet has grips on the bottom, so you feel stable walking.

6 Mar

I can walk in them all day.

20 Sep

I’ve worn them with a navy summer dress and felt so classic and I think I’ll wear them walking around in autumn as it gets cooler

16 Jun

Comfortable, easy to walk and look nice enough to where with a dress .

28 May

The blue Tangerines are cool looking, and I could walk in them all day.

$24.95 - $96.13

JBU by Jambu Women's Crimson Oxford Flat

JBU by Jambu Women's Crimson Oxford Flat

outdoorwalking shoe

2 May

I wanted a pair of comfortable shoes for walking and these are great.

29 Mar

I took a pair to Europe, and did a lot of walking.

11 Feb

Great walking shoe for winter, fits good and look good on.

11 Feb

Very comfortable walking shoe for chilly weather with good sole for traction.

3 Jun

=D They are flexible as I walk.. and if I really want more space I can leave them unzipped!

24 May

I use them for walking in the woods and working on my farm property.

28 Jan

I have neuropathy in my feet, so when i have alot of walking to do my feet feet cold in the evenings.

5 Jan

Very comfortable for a day of walking during travel.

27 Dec

Feels like im walking on clouds.

25 Dec

These were my main walking shoes and I only needed my winter boots for when it was raining.

$43.59 - $165

Onitsuka Tiger Women's Mexico 66 Shoes 1182A007

Onitsuka Tiger Women's Mexico 66 Shoes 1182A007

outdoorwalking shoe

22 Apr

Bought for walking through Italy.

11 Apr

super light weight, tread is good for gripping your walk, super comfortable, fit perfect.

11 Apr

well designed for running.

23 Jan

They fit amazing and were nice and snug to make it not only just a good running shoe,

22 Dec

Very comfortable for walking and non-active wear alike.

17 Oct

Not a top choice for long walks, these are casual wearabouts.

13 Aug

After walking around in them for a little while, I can honestly say these are my favorite sneakers to date.

8 May

This brand has been super popular in Japan, for almost 70 years, since 1953, when a marathon runner worked with the brand to perfect a pair of good long distance shoes.

8 May

On that note, I would NOT SAY these are running shoes, or even hiking or walking.

22 Feb

Extremely comfortable love the color good walk in all day


Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Blaze Oxfords Sneaker, Grey, 9

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Blaze Oxfords Sneaker, Grey, 9

outdoorwalking shoe

23 Feb

I like to walk and my feet never ache when I wear my Dr Scholl Tennis Shoes!!

26 Jan

Love these shoes, perfect fit, great support--just ideal really for a walking shoe on a treadmill.

7 Jan

I needed a good pair of walking shoes and I have really bad feet.

7 Jan

These are very comfortable and walking in these do not bother my bunions.

3 Jan

When I first put this shoe on I thought I was walking on a cloud!

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