$10 - $84.49

Blowfish Malibu Women's Play Sneaker

Blowfish Malibu Women's Play Sneaker


3 Jun

They are very comfortable to walk around in.

30 May

Great for walking

27 May

Wore to walk around zoo for several hours and my feet felt fine afterwards

24 May

but perfect for walking.

19 May

Easy to slip on and they stay on my feet when I walk.

17 May

They are great for kicking around and running errands.

11 May

I teach preschool and am running around on my feet all day and have no issues wearing them for work.

10 May

but are very slippery to walk in.

6 May

Cute and very comfortable walking shoes

25 Apr

They are very comfortable (even if you walk a bunch).

$24.41 - $122.55

Propét Women's TravelActiv Slip-on Sneaker

Propét Women's TravelActiv Slip-on Sneaker


6 May

Used foe walking.

24 Mar

I don't know where shoe manufacturer s for the idea that a soft flexible sole is good for walking.

24 Feb

but won't be wearing them on long walks.

9 Jan

I have lots of issues with my feet (left ankle replacement and bad right knee) and the Propet is great and really comfortable for everyday walking.

24 Aug

My orthodic fits well in the shoe and walk in them about 3 miles each day.

4 Nov

I haven't worn them shopping or any long walks

19 Aug

Overall a cute travel walking shoe

5 Aug

I can walk around in them all summer without noticing the shoe.

29 Jun

Bought for walking.

22 Dec

When I walk I like my shoes to feel light & comfortable.

$24.95 - $103.57

Keds Women's Courty Core Canvas Sneaker

Keds Women's Courty Core Canvas Sneaker


17 Feb

Great walking shoe's.

12 Aug

I love that this shoe is very comfortable that you can walk all day with them.

7 Jun

Very breathable for the summer and comfortable for walking.

10 Feb

And I can walk all day in comfort.

15 Jan

Says they are comfortable to walk around in.

12 Oct

I'd never had this problem with Keds even when I was traveling abroad and walking all day everyday.

$26.44 - $121.24

Clarks Women's Sharon Crystal Oxford

Clarks Women's Sharon Crystal Oxford


9 Apr

If you need a shoe you can walk around in, these are the perfect fit!

8 Apr

They are very lightweight and the sole is not rigid, so you can walk comfortably.

4 Feb

I love wearing Clark shoes because of its softness and comfortable for walking, which is suitable to my line of work.

4 Feb

although they are still comfortable for walking.

27 Aug

I can walk on them all-day long.

15 Aug

These are as good as a walking shoe for a walk of at least a couple of miles.

7 Jun

It is comfortable to wear and easy to walk in since first day.

23 Feb

Can walk in these all day and feel good.

23 Dec

As a teacher, I walk a lot.

14 Nov

Olus, i takecthr bus and walk ALOT.

$28.99 - $29.99

Ollio Womens Ballets Shoes Flats Pointed Toe Oxford 1M1818

Ollio Womens Ballets Shoes Flats Pointed Toe Oxford 1M1818


26 Feb

My feet don't hurt after walking for 8 hours.

18 Aug

I ordered a 6 and I walk right out of them, even with thick socks.

14 May

The shoes are like boats and flip off my heels when walking.

3 Dec

I wear them everywhere, especially when travelling and doing a lot of walking.

4 Aug

These are not to wear and walk all day long, they fit perfectly on me.

25 May

but considering I walk a lot and had a lot of outdoor tromps in these, they would probably hold up longer for someone wearing them sparingly and casually.

25 Aug

Be prepared that they won’t last forever and walk with care.

$29.66 - $97.16

Clarks Women's Amberlee Crest Fashion Sneaker

Clarks Women's Amberlee Crest Fashion Sneaker


11 Oct

I found the leather of these shoes to be particularly loud, and I don't care for having everyone hear me when I walk.

4 Oct

Very comfortable for walking and standing all day.

28 Jan

I am able to walk at least a mile in them with no pain in my feet.

$33.16 - $94.21

Clarks Women's Raisie Bloom Oxford

Clarks Women's Raisie Bloom Oxford


8 May

I walk on concrete floors and these shoes are perfect.

21 Apr

however on both pair they bulge as you walk.

21 Apr

but overall they are comfortable all day even during the walking part of my commute abs a good price so I would buy again for sure !! !

17 Apr

I wear them to work every day and they're comfortable to walk around in.

17 Apr

but while sitting or walking around they don't bother me at all.

12 Apr

These will probably get a lot of wear based on how great they look and how comfortable they are to walk in.

12 Apr

The leather feels like it’s forming to my foot and the foot bed has a nice give to it so it doesn’t hurt to walk in these at all.

1 Feb

these are exactly what i was seeking: comfortable walking shoe that looks nice and not old-ladyish!

17 Nov

I wear them all day and it's like I'm walking on a cloud.

6 Nov

I walk a lot and am on my feet 4 to 5 hours a day.

$40.51 - $140.35

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Blaze Sneaker

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Blaze Sneaker


23 Feb

I like to walk and my feet never ache when I wear my Dr Scholl Tennis Shoes!!

26 Jan

Love these shoes, perfect fit, great support--just ideal really for a walking shoe on a treadmill.

7 Jan

I needed a good pair of walking shoes and I have really bad feet.

7 Jan

These are very comfortable and walking in these do not bother my bunions.

3 Jan

When I first put this shoe on I thought I was walking on a cloud!

30 Jun

They are cushioned and support the bottom of the foot, especially if you have sore feet when you walk.

4 Dec

Years gone by any orthotic sneaker or shoe looked so obvious that in my opinion I would have rather walk around flat foot and in pain then to wear such a sneaker or shoe.

$41.16 - $48.5

Skechers Women's Bobs Phresh-Lil Flash. Boiled Wool Oxford W Memory Foam Sneaker

Skechers Women's Bobs Phresh-Lil Flash. Boiled Wool Oxford W Memory Foam Sneaker


3 Dec

I love wool sneakers, I had 2 pairs of Le Moutons (which I love in summer) and 1 paid of allbirds wool runners.

21 May

Good comfortable fit, easy to walk in.

15 Apr

My feet were happy after hours of walking around towns and down trials.

12 Apr

I bought these shortly before going on a month long trip involving lots of walking.

28 Mar

Comfortable for short walks or just sitting around.

28 Mar

For the price, it's a warm shoe to have outdoors.

9 Mar

They are comfortable while being a little more stylish than wearing my running shoes for chores and such.

$79.88 - $89.95

Clarks Women's Everlay Elma Oxford

Clarks Women's Everlay Elma Oxford


9 Jul

I can walk in these all day and they are stylish.

4 Apr

Shoe are very comfortable for walking.

22 Feb

They are comfortable to walk in though.

16 Jan

I LOVE THIS SHOES, the first day I wore them to work walking around all day and my feet felt wonderful, I will definitely order another pair.

27 Dec

On my feet and lots of walking.

17 Dec

Good for walking and still looks good.

16 Dec

I need good support, comfort for walking in the city, all day shoes.

23 Nov

Very comfortable, it is light which makes walking up and down very easy.

26 Nov

Leather is nice and heel height just right for walking.

5 Aug

No problems walking all day!


Dansko Women's Louise Oxford

Dansko Women's Louise Oxford


12 Nov

Was looking for a shoe that would work with dresses, skirts, pants and comfy enough to walk all over campus. BINGO.

14 Jun

A++ Comfortable for spending 8-hours walking on concrete/stone flooring.

14 Jun

I walk about 5-6 street miles every weekend in these.

4 Jun

Based on the previous reviews, I decided this shoes would likely be comfortable enough for all the walking.

11 Apr

I live in NYC so I walk a LOT and so far these have been pretty comfortable!

22 Mar

I can walk long distances and stand for an hour or more at a time without discomfort.

11 Mar

The rubber soles make standing and walking in these all day a comfortable experience.

3 Feb

but not fold, a little higher up on the toes so that you can walk comfortably.

3 Feb

Compare to a high quality pair of running shoes.

3 Feb

People truly in need of supportive shoes would have tired feet at the end of the day if you walk a lot and even with custom orthotics.

$15.99 - $24.99

VenusCelia Women's Snug Oxfords Flats Shoe

VenusCelia Women's Snug Oxfords Flats Shoe


27 Apr

Fits well with good sole for walking.

1 Dec

I don’t usually wear them if I’m going to be on my feet or walking a lot.

29 Nov

Super comfy and if you need to run or even go for a light hike, these shoes are there to take you.

13 May

Really great fit and comfortable to walk in.

28 Sep

The rubber sole makes ur walk to work like walking on clouds.

$20.42 - $35.99

DADAWEN Women's Leather Classic Platform Mid Heel Mary Jane Square Toe Oxfords Dress Shoes

DADAWEN Women's Leather Classic Platform Mid Heel Mary Jane Square Toe Oxfords Dress Shoes


24 Jun

They are very comfortable to walk in and they look even better than I expected!

24 Jun

Easy to walk in and comfortable.

9 May

Rubber heel is good quality, I can wear and walk in all day.

30 Mar

I can run then walk and run again with no foot pain.

10 Feb

These shores would be amazing if the quality was better on the bottom rubber and insole.

5 Feb

Office mostly some outside walking.

6 Jan

I really like the lug sole as it makes me feel secure walking on tile floors and outside during the winter weather.

2 Oct

The shoes fit as I expected because I read the reviews of them running big.

28 Jun

I was able to walk all day in them!

$24.99 - $249.09

Aravon Women's Revsmart Oxford

Aravon Women's Revsmart Oxford


31 Dec

I have major issues with my feet as I walk 20,000 steps per shift on concrete floors.

14 Oct

SO comfortable for walking a lot at work Like the vintage look

10 Nov

They look a little less dorky than regular New Balance walking shoes as well.

23 Oct

I can only wear good quality walking shoes, so I wear these to work with dress pants.

12 Jan

have the black and also tan in this same shoe (wearing them today even), and they are super comfortable, look good, great for walking, nice for wearing with slacks.

$28.99 - $30.99

Ollio Women's Flats Shoes Wingtip Lace Up Oxfords

Ollio Women's Flats Shoes Wingtip Lace Up Oxfords


15 Apr

Perfect shoes for teaching or any job/career that you will be on your feet standing and/or walking more than 85% to 90% of the time.

10 Apr

The heel is amazingly comfortable and the whole shoe is just sturdy yet soft to walk around the office many times for 8 hours.

29 Dec

I rarely wear, and only when don't have to do any walking.

10 Oct

They haven't bothered my feet and I'll wear them from sun-up to sun-down, walking around downtown, up the hills and along the railroad track and back.

25 Jul

I ordered these for my daughter to walk a lot for her job and she loves them.

9 Oct

When I tried them on, they were incredibly squeaky to walk around in.

12 Jan

I wore them on a long walk through the rain yesterday while I was at work, and they kept my feet dry through the puddles!

12 Jan

I love having a cute professional shoe WITHOUT a heel that is practical enough to walk to lunch in,

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